How to Straighten Your Teeth and Avoid Braces!

Invisalign in Miami

Invisalign in Miami

During adolescence, nearly every classmate and neighbor you came across your age probably had a mouth full of braces at some point. Many parents choose this time frame as the ideal age to correct their child’s crooked teeth to ensure they do not mature into adults with an uneven smile.

However, due to many different circumstances, many individuals do not receive the orthodontic care they need at an early age and grow up to regret it. This causes many to become incredibly insecure with themselves and avoid smiling with their teeth at all costs. If you are an individual who has found yourself in a similar situation, Dr. Andres de Cardenas has the solution you are searching for: Invisalign!

Invisalign in Miami is the modern teeth straightening system customized for your individual case. Instead of one fixed set of metal braces, the Invisalign system is a custom-made series of virtually transparent aligners that you wear over your teeth.

Invisible Dental Aligners

These aligners gradually and smoothly move your teeth into proper alignment. Approximately every two weeks you wear a new set of aligners until you have the smile you always wanted. And the best part about using the Invisalign system to improve your smile is that the aligners are hardly noticeable by others.

As an adult, it can seem extremely unappealing to face the world with a full mouth of unsightly, metal braces. They are commonplace for young kids, but as an adult, it just seems out of place. It is for this reason that Invisalign has gained such popularity. Individuals everywhere view Invisalign as their second chance at finally straightening out the crooked teeth that have plagued them for so long

Our staff of caring, concerned professionals wants you to know when you walk into their office we are dedicated to servicing you as thoroughly as we can. As an individual, Dr. de Cardenas understands that having choices is important to you. That’s why Dr. de Cardenas offers several alternatives, such as Invisalign in Miami, when it comes to improving your smile.

Straight Teeth Without Braces

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