Is Flossing More Important Than Brushing Your Teeth?

Treat Gum Disease

Treat Gum Disease

Many individuals dread scheduling their regular dentist appointments for various reasons. Some have held onto an irrational fear of being sat in a seat, surrounded by different dentistry tools, while others are embarrassed to answer (and lie about) the infamous question: “Do you floss regularly?”. However, in order to prevent and Treat Gum Disease, it is crucial that you visit the dentist regularly.

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Gum Disease Prevention

One question that seems to arise in the minds of many of our patients is whether flossing is more important than brushing your teeth. The short answer is that both are crucial to maintaining a healthy and fresh mouth. While brushing is the common route to removing surface bacteria and bad breath, flossing is also very crucial.

Many individuals shrug off their dentist’s advice to floss every day, but it really should become a part of your daily routine. Floss is the most effective way to remove plaque and reach deposits in your teeth that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. Plaque contains bacteria that feed on leftover food or sugar in your mouth. When that happens, it releases an acid that can eat away at the outer shell of your teeth and cause cavities.

If you fail to care for your dental hygiene properly, you run the risk of developing cavities or gum disease. The best way to Treat Gum Disease is by taking preventative measures before it even develops. As long as you make sure to brush and floss as often as you should and visit our dentists regularly, you should be in the clear from encountering any complications.

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