March 2017 - Dr. Andrés de Cardenas, DMD
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How to Straighten Your Teeth and Avoid Braces!

Invisalign in Miami

Invisalign in MiamiDuring adolescence, nearly every classmate and neighbor you came across your age probably had a mouth full of braces at some point. Many parents choose this time frame as the ideal age to correct their child’s crooked teeth to ensure they do not mature into adults with an uneven smile.

However, due to many different circumstances, many individuals do not receive the orthodontic care they need at an early age and grow up to regret it. This causes many to become incredibly insecure with themselves and avoid smiling with their teeth at all costs. If you are an individual who has found yourself in a similar situation, Andres de Cardenas has the solution you are searching for: Invisalign! Read more…

The Truth About Teeth Implants!

Teeth Implants in Miami

All-on-4 Dental ImplantLosing a tooth can be a very traumatic experience. Whether it occurred during an accident or injury, you may be feeling lost as to how to proceed in correcting your dental health. Well, Andres de Cardenas offers expert Teeth Implants in Miami services you need to restore your healthy smile and put your mind at ease.

You may be wondering what exactly a dental implant entails. This procedure utilizes a synthetic, replacement tooth root on either a single crown or All-On-4 procedure to replace the teeth that are missing. The latter is an area Dr. de Cardenas specializes in, which replaces not only your upper set of teeth but your lower set as well. This is carried out regardless of your existing bone volume. Read more…

Root Canals can be tricky, find a Dentist you can trust!

Root Canal Dentist in Miami

Root Canal Dentist in MiamiIf one or more of your teeth feel pain or discomfort while eating and/or drinking or swelling in your gums, you may need a root canal. These could be signs that the pulp, also known as the nerves of your tooth is damaged and possibly infected. This could occur for multiple reasons, including trauma to your tooth and poor hygiene. Before going through with a root canal, you need to find the best Root Canal Dentist in Miami, which is no other than Dr. Andres de Cardenas. He will provide you with first class care, and your pain will be gone before you know it. Read more…

Celebrate Dentist Day with a Dental Check Up!

Dental Checkup in Miami

Dental Checkup in Miami, miami dental care servicesSet aside time on March 6th to celebrate Dentist Day by coming to visit Dr. Andres de Cardenas! Healthy teeth are extremely important to your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Most people don’t like having to go to the dentist, but a Dental Checkup in Miami with Dr. de Cardenas will change your mind completely. He sits down and works closely with you by listening to your questions and concerns before choosing the right options for you. When you visit Dr. de Cardenas, you’re not treated just as a patient, but like family, which is why we’re rated one of the best dental offices in Miami. Read more…

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