Avoid wine stains on teeth

Stop Wine Stains on Teeth with These Tips

Keeping teeth looking their absolute best can be a struggle. After all, many of us love enjoying a nice glass of burgundy wine. However, it doesn’t matter if you drink wine after a long, hectic day of work, or sip on a glass to celebrate a friend’s birthday; the fun can swiftly end when you begin to realize that the wine may be creating stains on the tooth surface.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to give up on red wine forever. You can enjoy a glass of merlot and avoid wine stains on teeth with the following tips from Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his team.

Brush Your Pearly Whites Before Drinking

It can prove difficult to resist the urge to brush after drinking. As you drink, you may begin to see a purple tint appear on your teeth. Brushing during this time, mixed with the acidity in wine, can worsen wine stains on teeth while permanently damaging tooth enamel.

The best recommendation to avoid wine stains involves preventative proactivity. Wine tannins seem to attract to plaque buildup. For this reason, brushing before a glass of red wine can help prevent wine stains on teeth. Brushing removes plaque buildup that you accumulate throughout the day. This makes it harder for wine coloration to stick, additionally assisting in preventing wine staining.

Don’t Drink White Before Red

We’re not saying to avoid white wine entirely. However, a common practice that many enthusiasts engage in is drinking white wine before a glass of red. Unfortunately, this contributes to wine stains sticking to teeth. 

White wine often contains more of an acidic composition than red. Acidity erodes enamel, and by drinking white wine before red, this can lead to susceptibility to the color and tannins in the red wine.

Although the wine world may recommend trying some white before red wine, ensure you protect from wine stains on teeth by avoiding this practice as much as possible!

Stay Hydrated?

Keeping a glass of water nearby can help you manage alcohol consumption and stay hydrated. However, this also benefits your teeth by swishing away leftover wine on your tooth surfaces.

If you don’t like swishing some water in your mouth with every sip of wine, an additional option is a sparkling water. The bubbles in sparkling water can help loosen and wash away wine stains without appearing too obvious.

Eat Some Cheese

Eating food seems a bit obvious. However, wine and cheese pairings remain common with wine connoisseurs for reasons beyond taste. Cheese contains tooth-beneficial calcium in plentiful amounts. Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy teeth.

Furthermore, cheeses afford teeth a thin coating that can help avoid wine stains by filling in the porous surface of your teeth.

Wipe Your Teeth Down

If the tips above don’t help you avoid wine stains on teeth, wiping your teeth down after enjoying a glass of red can help prevent staining. By simply cleaning your mouth with a cloth or wet paper towel, this works like a charm to protect your teeth from wine stains.

Avoid Wine Stains on Your Teeth | Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Avoid wine stains on teethUse some of these tips and tricks the next time you imbibe with a glass of red wine. Be sure to smile, knowing that you protect your teeth and that red wine doesn’t have to stop you from showing off a perfect smile! 

To learn more about protecting your teeth from the onslaught of foods and drinks that want to ruin your smile, contact Dr. Andres de Cardenas today!