How can Our Dental Implants Improve Your Smile?

Affordable Dental Implants in Miami

Affordable Dental Implants in Miami

Losing a tooth can happen for any reason. Poor hygiene, a hit on the mouth, grinding of teeth, or gum disease can all be factors to losing a tooth. Losing a permanent tooth can lower your confidence and not make you want to smile anymore. Eating can become more difficult with the space of the missing tooth, being sensitive and susceptible to infections. With Dr. Andres de Cardenas, he can give you a brand new tooth no matter if how much of the original bone is still there. With him, you’ll regain your confidence knowing you got the best Affordable Dental Implants in Miami.

Even if you lose all of your front or bottom teeth, Dr. de Cardenas can still replace them using the All-on-4 treatment method. Even if all the bone is gone, he can use titanium implants that can support a row of 12-14 teeth. He will make sure to take your specifications to make the new teeth fit comfortably and look natural. In many cases, these Affordable Dental Implants will feel better and be stronger than your original set of teeth immediately after the procedure, growing your confidence and allowing you to smile wide once again.

Implants for Your Teeth

When you walk into Dr. de Cardenas‘s office, you will be treated as part of the family, not just as a patient. Dr. de Cardenas will walk you through the different options available for you, to make sure that you feel confident knowing exactly what’s happening. As one of the best dentists in all of Miami with over 15 years of experience, he knows exactly what to takes to ensure that you have a brand new set of beautiful, natural-looking teeth. He makes sure that you receive state-of-the-art care by keeping up with the latest developments in density and using the finest materials. Voted “Top Dentist in Miami” by Miami Metro Magazine, and graduating in the top 10% in his class from dental school, his results speak for themselves.

Miami Dentist Implants

If you need any of your teeth replaced swiftly, professionally, and with the finest care, Dr. Andres de Cardenas is the only choice for the best Affordable Dental Implants in Miami. Schedule a consultation today by calling us at (305)-251-3334 or click here for more information!