Do I Need a Full Denture or Partial Denture?

Affordable Dentures in Miami

Affordable Dentures in Miami

Partial versus Full Dentures

The Cause of Missing Teeth

Are you having trouble chewing your food with your dentures? Do your missing teeth steal away your confidence? Teeth may become loose or just fall out completely when a person has gum disease. Many people may have missing teeth also due to improper diet, tooth decaying, trauma, etc. When a person begins losing their teeth, they start losing their ability to chew properly. This negatively affects a person’s overall since they are not able to eat normally. With our Affordable Dentures in Miami, you can get the ability to chew normally once again, as well as your smile back! Get the beautiful teeth you’ve been searching for a long time at The Miami Cosmetic Dentists office. It’s important to maintain good dental care habits to avoid losing teeth in the future. Tooth decay and gum disease are the top main causes of missing teeth due to lack of dental cleaning. A person who has a disease such as cancer may be at greater risk for missing teeth since it interferes with the immune system making them more prone to gum disease. To decrease the chances of developing advanced gum disease which causes missing teeth, a person must maintain strict oral care. In our office, our dentists are able to provide you with professional dental cleanings to keep your mouth clean, away from plaque and tartar.

Choosing Partial Dentures

Do you have just a few missing teeth? Even by losing just one tooth, you already lose 10 percent of your chewing functionality. Without that one teeth, you’d have to work extra to move the food around to your teeth to be able to chew your food entirely. We can help you fix that problem with our Affordable Dentures in Miami! The partial denture we offer is an affordable denture that fills in that missing space once occupied by the tooth that is now missing. These partial dentures are completely removable which makes them easy to clean.

The Different Types of Full Dentures

Are you looking to have an entirely new set of beautiful teeth? Our conventional Affordable Dentures in Miami give you the opportunity to have a new set of new and white teeth. This type of denture consists of removing the rest of your teeth for the new denture to be put in place after 8 weeks. The great thing about the conventional denture is that you will get to choose the size, shade, and type of teeth you want that last for many, many years! The other type of denture is the immediate Affordable Dentures in Miami. This type of denture is put in place right after the removal of teeth which allows the patient to have teeth during the healing process.

Our Affordable Dentures in Miami offer partial and full dentures to provide patients with a new, white smile they can feel confident in, as well as gain other great benefits. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.