The Difference Between All-On-4 and Dentures!

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Do you wish your dentures were permanently placed in your mouth? All On 4 Miami and dentures are both used to help you chew better and have a full and attractive smile. There are two types of dentures you could choose from which are the partial and the full dentures.

A partial denture uses removable replacement teeth and a pink gum to be placed in the middle of two healthy teeth. A lot of people tend to get this partial denture because it doesn’t require them to remove all the teeth. If you’re missing a bunch of teeth on the top or the bottom then you should probably consider a full denture, your remaining teeth will be removed and the healing process will take just a few months. The amazing thing about full dentures is that you’ll be able to speak clearly and eat normally again. An All On 4 Miami dental implant works as a permanent same-day replacement denture. Unlike a traditional partial or full denture, an All On 4 produces no pain, doesn’t require removal, it’s over on the same day, and much more! Both bring great benefits such as improving speech, low-maintenance, facilitates chewing, boosts your self-esteem, etc. At the offices of Dr. Andres de Cardenas, we want to help you with all of your oral care needs. A simple checkup or two can help us determine what type of cosmetic procedure will benefit your teeth.

You Should Consider the All On 4 if:

  • Missing several teeth
  • Already wear dentures
  • Would like a permanent implant
  • Don’t want to go toothless for a period of time
  • Reduce the number of dental appointments
  • Want a painless treatment


You should consider a Partial or Full Denture if:

  • You’ve loose teeth
  • You lost 3 or more teeth
  • You have trouble chewing hard food
  • You’re swallowing big pieces of food due to improper chewing
  • You’re self-conscious about smiling
  • Want something more economical


These are the differences and benefits of the All On 4 Miami and dentures. If you remain interested in getting back your smile then you should consider one of these two. It’s not only about boosting your self-esteem but having a healthier mouth. Improper chewing could lead to indigestion which is why it’s important to fix your teeth.

Choose between All On 4 and dentures for the opportunity to improve your speech, develop proper chewing, and prevent from being self-conscious about your smile today! With the Miami Cosmetic Dentist, you can guarantee professional and effective services that will give you great confidence and a bigger and brighter smile!

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