Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes: Which Is Superior?

Best Brush for Teeth

Best Brush for Teeth

In the world of dentistry, the most effective methods for caring for teeth have long been debated. For centuries, typical toothbrushes were seen as the one and only way to ensure that your dental health is kept to par on a day to day basis. However, with new advancements in our modern-day world, there is now a much wider variety of dental hygiene products available than ever before, which presents the question: Which is truly the Best Brush for Teeth?

While it is no secret that manual toothbrushes continue to be the most common tool found in most households, electric toothbrushes are on the rise. What started as a fairly simple invention in Switzerland in the 1950s has evolved well beyond Dr. Philippe Guy Woog’s–the inventor himself–wildest dreams. Large dental product companies such as Oral B, Sonicare, Colgate, and Crest have all branched out to offer these luxurious devices. Some of these tools even feature Bluetooth compatibility and are priced upwards of $100, an astronomical price for a common household item that has been priced relatively low for much time.

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It is difficult to determine whether a manual or electric toothbrush is the Best Brush for Teeth for all individuals. At the end of the day, it mostly comes down to personal preference. While some people are completely satisfied with an ordinary, run of the mill toothbrush, others crave one that is more convenient and technologically advanced.

However, when looking beyond the tool in your hand, experts have found that the aspect of dental care that matters the most is the technique in which you use. If you are not taking the time to brush your teeth correctly, it will not matter whether you are using a manual or electric toothbrush. You will still be susceptible to cavities and plaque. While it may be true that mechanical toothbrushes leave less room for error, the same effect can be had when using a manual brush in the correct manner.

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