There are qualities that patients look for in a good dentist, but why settle for good when you deserve the best dentist and dental care for you and your family. The reviews are in and Dr. de Cardenas is one of the best dentists serving patients in Pinecrest and the Miami areas.

The Qualities of a Great Dentist

There are many obvious qualities that look good to patients when walking into a dentist’s office. For example, a clean environment with welcoming staff, little wait time for appointments, and polite bedside manners all make patients feel comfortable. 

While these things are indeed important for any medical practice, some specific behaviors and traits set a standard dentist apart from a truly great one. Keeping these things in mind will help you choose the right dentist for you and your family.


Thinks Long-Term

The best dentist will welcome you into his or her office and treat you like one of their long-time patients right away. Good oral health is a process and a journey that takes time. The best dentist will think long-term with you and be happy to accept you as a lifetime patient. 

This means following up when it’s time for an appointment, scheduling regular screenings or X-rays, and making you and your family feel recognized when you’re in the office. Following up is especially important with long and difficult procedures that often require some recovery time. 

A dentist who cares will personally follow up with you or have a nurse follow up after a tooth extraction or other complicated procedure to make sure you’re feeling OK and improving with no complications.


Punctual, Yet Takes Time to Meet Your Needs

Pinecrest is a fairly large community, which means many medical practices out there have long wait times and fully booked schedules for weeks or even months on end. When you find a dentist with the time and resources to take you in as a patient, that dentist will be as punctual as possible and not waste your time. 

Doctors appointments take away time from your work, your time with your family and friends, etc. So a good dentist will honor the time they scheduled with you. Although most appointments should only take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’re seeing your dentist for, the best dentist will honor your time while listening to your concerns too. 

Instead of keeping you in silence and having you wait long periods of time in the exam room, a great dentist won’t waste your time and will spend the time they do have with you actively listening and conversing with you.


Respects Your Financial Situation

The best dentist will get to know you and what your financial situation is. We all know dental procedures can be expensive, especially if they are cosmetic. Whether you’re paying with insurance or paying out of pocket, a good dentist will understand if you’re on a budget. 

Therefore, they won’t try to upsell you on products and cosmetic treatments you don’t absolutely need and that you didn’t ask about during your appointment. The best dentist will have a team who helps you figure out what your dental insurance could partially or fully cover for procedures or products they recommend.


Dr. de Cardenas, Best Dentist in Pinecrest

As a top Pinecrest dentist, Dr. Andres de Cardenas carefully crafts innovative, personalized solutions to any dental problem. Dedicated to restoring every smile to a healthy and beautiful state, Dr. de Cardenas and his Pinecrest cosmetic staff provide an array of dental cosmetic, general practice, implant, and emergency dental services. 

Their goal is to make your teeth look and feel their best at all times. Our state-of-the-art office is located in the heart of Palmetto Bay, close by Pinecrest. Dr. de Cardenas provides a comfortable and caring environment where he treats children and adults from all over South Florida. The best dentist develops relationships with his patients to recognize their needs and concerns. 

Dr. de Cardenas and his staff help you understand the available treatment options for you, forming a step-by-step plan that fits your unique situation. With over 15 years of experience practicing dentistry, Dr. de Cardenas is recognized as a top FL Dr. of dentistry. Coming from a lineage of dentists, his passion for helping people have their healthiest smile possible is in his genes. 

His father and brother are both dentists and instilled a love for the profession within him. This drives our Dr. in Pinecrest to provide the best possible care to patients. Always staying up-to-date with the latest advances in modern dentistry, Dr. de Cardenas uses the most sophisticated materials and technology available for every procedure.

If you need a cosmetic procedure, general dental procedure, even dental surgery, Andres de Cardenas can help! From Pinecrest to South Beach, patients claiming residency all over South Florida come to our dental hospital in search of “The Dentist to the Dentists!” For more information on dental procedures and how Dr. de Cardenas can assist you, contact us today!