How to Avoid Painful Cavities and Heal Tooth Decay!

Best Way to Prevent Cavities

Best Way to Prevent Cavities

Your teeth are more than just a set of pearly whites that are meant to make your smile visually appealing. While everyone certainly strives for straight, beautiful teeth, it is just as, if not more, important to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy at all times. In order to avoid complications, such as the development of cavities, you should know the Best Way to Prevent Cavities before they even have the chance to form.

Cavities are a form of tooth decay. This occurs when a patient allows foods, especially carbohydrates such as milk, sweets, fruit, and bread, to accumulate bacteria in their mouth and turn acidic. Those acids eat away at your teeth’s enamel, the outer coating of the tooth, and the inner layer known as the dentin.

Cavity Filling

When all that bacteria combines with the saliva in your mouth, it forms plaque, which sticks to your teeth and gums. The holes that are then formed by this continuous build-up are the cavities themselves. This affects individuals of all ages and walks of life and is not only limited to young children despite popular belief. Even full-grown adults can form cavities.

At Dr. de Cardenas’ office, we believe that the Best Way to Prevent Cavities is by visiting our center regularly for teeth cleanings. You may believe that you are doing a sufficient job of cleaning your teeth on your own every day at home, but you will be surprised by what a professional can dig out when you come in for in-depth cleaning. Only a skilled dentist with professional tools at their disposal can provide that kind of service to you.

Reverse Tooth Decay

Our staff consists of caring, concerned professionals that want you to know that when you walk into our office you’re not only a patient but a part of our family. As a part of our family, Dr. de Cardenas wants to help you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible with excellent services and dental advice.

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