Cavity Prevention in Miami

Cavity Prevention in Miami

Life just feels better when you leave the dentist’s office with positive feedback. Here at Dr. Andres de Cardenas’ Miami Cosmetic Dentist office, our exceptional staff provides high-quality, professional cavity prevention in Miami services.

Similar to the way you keep your body healthy by receiving regular checkups, it is also helpful to visit your dentist regularly. When you take advantage of professional cleanings at your dental office, you allow your teeth to take advantage of cavity prevention in Miami. Not only is your mouth healthier, but they also shine much brighter.

Regular check-ups may help identify cavities and other dental detriments before they result in troubling symptoms as well as more-serious circumstances. The sooner you enlist proper dental care from a professional, the better chance you possess to reverse early signs, and even prevent tooth decay. If you can treat a cavity before you experience pain, you may not require extensive treatment.

If you do not yet experience cavity-related pain, then it is possible that your cavity just began. Fluoride treatment can help you restore your tooth enamel, sometimes even reversing cavities in their earliest stages.

Professional fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than what you can find in tap water, as well as fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Your dental specialist may prescribe a fluoride treatment as a liquid, gel, foam, or varnish that goes on as you brush your teeth. You can also administer the treatment in a small tray that fits over the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

Of course, the most surefire way to maintain healthy teeth is adhering to an optimal dental regimen. This includes brushing twice a day, ensuring to reach the surfaces of the back teeth, flossing daily (or nightly), in addition to avoiding sugary or starchy foods.

Professional Dental Services

You must take proper care of your oral health through frequent brushing and flossing. However, it’s just as crucial to visit your dentist from time to time. The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit a practice for dental cleaning every six months.

Our professional cavity prevention in Miami is a service we employ to remove plaque from the hard-to-reach places. Plaque is essentially a soft sticky buildup on your teeth. It contains millions of bacteria that live on, and eat away at the surface of teeth.

When you eat, the bacteria in plaque utilize the sugars from your food and produce acids that begin your teeth degradation. This process in repetition leads to the enamel’s breakdown. As a result, the tooth likely experiences a hole in the surface. This hole is what we call a cavity.

Plaque that you do not remove daily through brushing and flossing will eventually harden into tartar. As tartar collects at the gum line, brushing and flossing will become exponentially difficult. This situation continues to exacerbate as the plaque and tartar increase. The gum tissue will possibly bleed during brushing, in addition to redness and swelling.

This condition is known as gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. With a good oral hygiene program and some professional treatment, gingivitis is a reversible condition. However, if left unchecked, gingivitis evolves into a serious bacterial condition called periodontitis.

Your gums could recede, and the supporting bones in the jawline may degrade as a result of periodontitis; effectively destroying your mouth and smile.

Our cavity prevention in Miami program will remove any tartar and bacteria from the teeth. If you do not enlist professional assistance, as well as adhere to an at-home regimen, they will cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.

Professional Dental Services in Miami

As one of Miami’s top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Andres de Cardenas prides himself on the accuracy and efficiency concerning his work. He utilizes innovative techniques to carefully cultivate the perfect solution for every patient.

Not only does he take the necessary time to get to know every patient as an individual, but he also ensures that you understand your options. For this reason, he provides comprehensive cavity prevention in Miami service to all his patients.

Dr. Andy, as he likes patients to call him, focuses on even the smallest detail, such as reminding patients to try sugar-free gum when they crave sweets. He can employ numerous treatments like dental sealants or a regular cleaning regimen.

If you seek the absolute best and most trusted cosmetic dentist in all of South Florida, Dr. Andres de Cardenas may represent the optimal dental professional for your needs. During your first appointment, Dr. Andy will meet with you and discuss numerous facets concerning your dental treatment.

His ultimate goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable while providing you with the best possible resource to correct your issues. For more information on our cavity prevention in Miami service from Dr. Andres de Cardenas, contact us today.

You can contact our practice by utilizing our convenient email form and we’ll get right back to you. You may also contact us by calling our dental practice at (305) 251.3334.

Come into our office, talk to Dr. Andy, and you can discover exactly why an experience with our dentist is different from any other. Our patients hold our Miami dental specialist and his team in incredibly high esteem.

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