Springtime Weather Makes us Smile With Our Teeth Here in Miami!

Cosmetic Dentist Miami

Cosmetic Dentist Miami

Now that the weather is warming up, you have more reason to smile wide! A bright smile can lighten any mood, but if you’re not confident in your smile, it can be a cause for embarrassment. Rather than letting your smile stay hidden any longer, visit a Cosmetic Dentist Miami at the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas and have a smile you can be proud of!

Usually, one of the first things people notice when they see someone is their smile. Whether you mean to or not, your smile gives off an impression to everyone around you. If you are not happy with your smile when you see it in the mirror, a Cosmetic Dentist Miami would love to make it look better than ever.

There are many reasons why you may not like your smile, whether your teeth are discolored, missing, or misaligned, one of our experts will be able to provide you with the best treatment options so you will no longer be ashamed of your smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can become discolored in several different ways. Foods, drinks, and smoking can all leave behind stains on the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth. If your tooth has suffered trauma, the dentin, or inner layer of the tooth can have a darker, yellowish tint.

Our professional teeth whitening procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer. Unlike home remedies you can find at the grocery store, our treatment uses a higher concentration bleaching gel and is administered under safe and controlled conditions. Even after one treatment, you will notice real results!

If you have ever played sports, it can be easy for your teeth to be hit by a stray ball or arm. Missing, chipped, or misaligned teeth can be another cause to hide your smile. Our Cosmetic Dentist Miami knows this can be a risk, which is why we offer the best solution to have your teeth looking brand new again.

We use porcelain laminate veneers to recreate the natural look and feel of your teeth. Our Cosmetic Dentist Miami will apply the veneers to the teeth by replacing the enamel applying an adhesive to put the veneers on. Once they are applied, you will notice your teeth will be stronger and more resilient than when you had your natural enamel.

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Miami Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas, a Cosmetic Dentist Miami will be able to make your smile look better than it ever has! Whether your teeth are missing, discolored, or misaligned, our experts can recommend which treatment would be best for your situation. If you have any questions or concerns about our treatments, one of our experts will be happy to sit down and answer them for you.

Rather than stay embarrassed by your smile, come into our office and hear about our different treatments. Make this spring the best you ever have by getting a brand new smile from our experts.

Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry options by calling us today at 305-251-3334 or click here to schedule an appointment online!