All-On-4: A Quick Procedure for a Perfect Smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Cosmetic Dentistry Center

All On 4 Procedure

The Different Dentures We Offer

What are the ways you can achieve a healthy, full smile? Are permanent dentures high maintenance? I’m only missing a few teeth, can I still get the All On 4 dentures? Choosing permanent dentures to restore the function of your mouth will be your wisest decision. Traditional dentures that are removable are great as well, this is why you must contact our Cosmetic Dentistry Center to see which one fits you best. We also provide our patients with the option of restoring their appearance through dental bridges. As you may notice, there are various options to obtain a full mouth that is functional. Whether you are missing one tooth, three or all teeth, we have a treatment for you! If you’ve already chosen traditional dentures as your option before but you’re looking for a better solution then we have just what you need. At our Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we want to ensure our patients are aware of the successful All-On-4 procedure we provide.

Our Best Permanent Denture Procedure

Achieving a perfect smile can be a little tough when you are missing a few teeth. This is why we want our patients to feel confident in their smile through all our dental services. If you’re missing a few teeth from the top, a few teeth from the bottom or just some from the top or left arch, then our All-On-4 treatment may just work for you. This procedure works in filling in those huge gaps that are hindering you from smiling confidently. It’s time to show off that smile through these permanent dentures that require the same maintenance as if you had your natural teeth. You can obtain white, shiny and smooth replacement teeth in just one day!

Even More Benefits!

But wait, there’s more! These permanent dentures known as All-On-4 are a tremendous benefit to your health. You can restore your ability to speak clearly and chew, as well as reduce bone resorption. When you lose your teeth, your jaw begins to shrink which makes an impact on your appearance. Once again, you can smile confidently, improve your health and preserve your appearance. There is no specific age as to those who qualify for an All On 4 treatment, contact our office to see if this procedure is the right one for you!
Find out more about our All On 4 procedure to restore a beautiful smile by contacting our dentists at our Cosmetic Dentistry Center. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.