Three Things You Could Do to Significantly Decrease Your Chances of Getting Gum Disease

Home Dental Care

Home Dental Care

Most individuals fear that they will develop a serious dental issue at some point in their lives, which typically stems from a general fear of visiting the dentist in the first place. While a trip to the offices of Dr. Andres de Cardenas is never something you should fear, our team understands the underlying anxiety associated with encountering oral complications. However, there are steps you can take towards securing your dental health right from home. If you are concerned about developing gum disease, we have several Home Dental Care tips that are sure to help!

Dental Treatment at Home

If you have attempted to research this topic yourself in the past, you are likely aware of how congested the internet is with health advice. Getting input from different sources is typically a good thing, but when you are thrown countless pieces of advice, it can become overwhelming and difficult to determine which route you should take. In order to simplify Home Dental Care, we have listed our top three tips towards leading a happy, gum disease-free life:

Develop a Healthy Cleaning Routine: While it is a given that you must brush and floss to keep your teeth squeaky clean at all times, not everyone is aware of how to properly accomplish these tasks and how often they should be doing it. According to qualified experts in the field, the American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride. This is crucial in removing plaque and harmful bacteria that accumulate in your mouth throughout the day. The fluoride in the toothpaste helps to strengthen your teeth and prevent the development of cavities.

As for flossing, it is also recommended that you do this on a daily basis. Flossing is notorious for being the step in the dental care regimen that individuals overlook, but skipping out on a regular flossing routine can create some serious issues. Your toothbrush cannot reach and expel all of the trapped food particles and plaque that is lodged between your teeth. Only thorough flossing can ensure that your teeth are entirely free of any extraneous particles.

Be Aware of the Risks: There are many factors related to your genetics and lifestyle that can influence your chances of developing gum disease. By being aware of these risks, you can take the appropriate measures to either cut harmful habits out of your life or keep an eye out for telltale signs of complications.

An unhealthy diet and smoking of any kind can automatically increase your risk of gum disease. While not every smoker and compulsive eater will develop gum disease in their lifetime, they do actively place themselves in the line of fire. Age and genetics also play a part in potential gum disease development, but these factors are unavoidable. The best thing you can do is alert your dentist of these factors so that they can keep track of any changes.

See a Dentist Regularly: Taking steps towards securing your dental health at home is crucial in setting good habits and keeping any complications in check. However, only a specialist in oral care can give you a thorough rundown of your condition and take the necessary steps towards the detection and treatment of gum disease.

Therefore, you should schedule regular appointments with your dentist for routine cleanings and dental x rays. Only then will you have the complete peace of mind that you are free from the symptoms of gum disease.

Dental Hygiene at Home

Our team proudly provides some of the best Home Dental Care advice to ensure that you and your family are doing everything you can to keep your dental health in top condition. Visit one of the best dentists in South Florida and schedule an appointment with Dr. Andres de Cardenas today! Give us a call at (305) 251-3334 or click here for more information.