Celebrate Dentist Day with a Dental Check Up!

Dental Checkup in Miami

Dental Checkup in Miami

Set aside time on March 6th to celebrate Dentist Day by coming to visit Dr. Andres de Cardenas! Healthy teeth are extremely important to your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Most people don’t like having to go to the dentist, but a Dental Checkup in Miami with Dr. de Cardenas will change your mind completely. He sits down and works closely with you by listening to your questions and concerns before choosing the right options for you. When you visit Dr. de Cardenas, you’re not treated just as a patient, but like family, which is why we’re rated one of the best dental offices in Miami.

Expert Dental Tips

Having a routine Dental Check up in Miami is key to the health of your teeth and preventing all types of gum disease. Dr. de Cardenas makes coming in for teeth cleaning an enjoyable experience. The three main reasons he says you should come in for a cleaning are:

  1. To prevent gum disease
  2. To maintain good general health
  3. To prevent the loss of teeth

Something as simple as getting your teeth cleaned by a professional, like Dr. de Cardenas, can do wonders for your teeth, not to mention your overall health.

Besides a Dental Checkup in Miami, Dr. de Cardenas can also help you with taking care of your teeth at home. Making sure you brush your teeth at least twice daily and using fluoride toothpaste are just some of the steps he can help you with. A crucial aspect of tooth health that most people neglect is flossing. Dr. de Cardenas can consult with you to find out the best flossing techniques and products that will be able to suit your needs. He wants to make sure that your teeth are healthy, not just now, but for many years to come.

A graduate from the top of his class at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Dr. Andres de Cardenas has over 15 years of experience providing the highest quality care. He’s been voted as the “Top Dentist in Miami” by Miami Metro Magazine. He is an expert in not only giving a Dental Checkup in Miami, but also dental reconstruction, prosthetics, and implants among other fields, so all of your dental needs will be taken care of when you visit Dr. de Cardenas.

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If you want to celebrate Dentist Day with Dr. Andres de Cardenascall us today at 305-251-3334 or click here to schedule an appointment!