Get Your Kid’s Teeth Clean and Healthy Before School!

Dental Cleanings in Miami

Dental Cleanings in Miami

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Is it easy for you to remember the amount of sugar you consumed as a kid? Do you control the amount of sugar your child eats now? The two go together in harmony, kids, and candy. Kids love to eat candy, and basically any time of sugary sweet. However, most children probably aren’t fully aware of the damages that candy can do to their teeth and gums. This is precisely why it is important to educate kids on how to keep proper oral care.

Children are prone to consuming sugar in excess, and this increases the chances of tooth decay, gingivitis, and even tooth loss. Children don’t necessarily have to quit sugar altogether, but sweets should be considered more of a “once in a while” treat in order to decrease the possibility of cavities, gum disease, etc. It is important to have your kids undergo regular dental cleanings in Miami.

At the dental offices of Dr. Andres de Cardenas, we are able to provide you with several different treatments to optimize and maintain your child’s dental hygiene. Our team provides a variety of options to align the teeth of your child as well which can bring additional health benefits.

When was the last time you brought the kids in for teeth cleaning? In order to maintain a high level of oral care, it is necessary to come in for a professional dental cleaning every six months. Professional cleaning is the best way to get rid of plaque and bacteria that cannot be removed from normal home teeth cleaning.

How to Maintain a Good Oral Care

  • Brush teeth
    • for at least 2 minutes or 3 minutes long
    • after every meal
  • Change toothbrush after 3 months, or when you’ve recovered from an illness
  • Floss properly
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Get professional teeth cleaning
  • Pay a visit to a dentist
  • Clean tongue

Kids Oral Care

Take advantage of dental cleanings in Miami, make an appointment to ensure that your child’s in good oral health before school starts. It is more convenient to get your child an appointment with our professional dentists now, then to have to pull them out of school later in the year. Show your kids how important it is to maintain proper oral care by taking them to see Dr. de Cardenas for dental cleanings in Miami.

Dental Cleanings in Miami remain essential to help your kids ensure that they are free from cavities, gum disease, etc. Call today at 305-251-3334 to make an appointment.