What Can Harm the Health of Your Teeth?

Dental Health Experts

Dental Health Experts

Habits that Damage Teeth

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Do you constantly chew on objects? Are you a nail biter? Notice what you are doing right now while you’re reading this, are you biting your nails or chewing a pencil? Everyone wants shiny, white and healthy teeth to smile confidently. Yes, maintaining a proper dental cleaning at home and visiting your dentist for a professional dental cleaning helps keep your teeth healthy. If you are one to brush your teeth at least twice a day, you are on the right track. Do you floss? You are even on a better path if you floss, congratulations to you! Many people tend to skip the most important parts of keeping good oral care such as flossing and getting professional dental cleaning. Skipping these important routines will harm the health of your teeth instead of keeping your mouth clean. Our Dental Health Experts can provide you high-quality dental services to keep your teeth and gums healthier than ever!

Maintain a Good Oral Care

You already know that brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist for a dental cleaning greatly benefits the health of your teeth. To get more in-depth, brushing has to be done in a certain way to receive great dental benefits and prevent problems. Did you know that a toothbrush needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 months? When was the last time you bought a new toothbrush? If your toothbrush looks like it has crazy hair all over the place, it is most likely you need a new one. This also means that you brush your teeth hard. Brushing your teeth aggressively to get it over with actually harms your teeth. You must take at least 2 minutes when you are brushing your teeth. 2 minutes can seem like an hour when you are in a hurry, or just want to get it over with. To make the time go by faster, listen to your favorite song while you’re at it! While these 2 minutes are going by flying, make sure you brush every single tooth. Start from a different side each time, place your tooth at a 45 angle and brush in a circular motion. This will ensure you are keeping your teeth healthy and not harming them!

What Harms Your Teeth?

You may be harming your teeth without even knowing it. This is why listed below will be ways you can prevent your teeth from deteriorating. Many people chew ice, are you one of those people? Your teeth were intended to be used to chew through foods, not against them. Chewing on ice, biting your nails, opening chip bags, unscrewing bottle tops and other bad habits, can tremendously damage your teeth. You want to keep your teeth healthy, clean and well-structured as possible by not doing these habits anymore. Visit our Dental Health Experts to get your cavities fixed, your gums healthy, teeth straight, fill in tooth gaps, and much more for better oral care!

Prevent habits that harm your teeth, ensure you are keeping good oral care at home and visit our Dental Health Experts for better dental care. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.