Dental implants in Sunset

All people dread losing teeth as they age. Not only do gaps in your teeth make people look at you differently, but they create a lot of difficulty and pain in eating. However, in the past twenty years, doctors have created new techniques for false teeth that look and feel exactly like regular teeth. The days of being stuck with dentures that are hard to care for and create limitations in how you eat can be behind you with dental implants in Sunset. With dental implants, you can eat regular food, brush your teeth as normal, and have a beautiful smile again


What are Dental Implants in Sunset?

Dental implants mean implanting false teeth into your gums. This can be one tooth or a complete set of teeth with our All-in-4 process. Specifically, though, dental implants consist of a false root or a metal rod made of titanium or another non-reactive metal that bonds with bone easily. Attached to a rod is an abutment, or a connecting piece that attaches to both the rod and the crown, or the false tooth. 


Dental implants are incredible achievements of science, creating a false tooth that both acts and looks like a real tooth with almost no extra care necessary. People have been trying to implant false teeth for most of human history, but the failure rate used to be astronomically high, both due to the pain of the procedure and the fact that the body generally rejects foreign materials. With the discovery that titanium could bond with the bone, placing in a false tooth root became more than a dream. Now, the rate of success for dental implant surgery is over 97%.


What Is Dental Implants in Sunset Surgery Like?

We’re not going to lie, going through a dental implant procedure is a long process. It requires at least two outpatient procedures and at least four separate visits to the dentist’s office. However, just because it is a long process doesn’t mean that it is a painful or difficult one. There is anesthesia for outpatient surgeries, and the third visit shouldn’t be painful at all. However, knowing what the procedure entails before going in is incredibly helpful!

1: Planning

The first visit to the dentist’s office is going to be a planning visit. During this appointment, you will talk about the type of implant that you need, take the appropriate x-rays, and talk about payment plans. This step is vital, as it allows you and the doctor to plan out exactly the type of procedure that works for you. 

2: Your First Procedure

During the first procedure, your dentist will remove the damaged tooth or root of the damaged tooth. This will involve cutting into the gum and has several weeks of recovery time. You can only proceed to the next step once your gum has healed appropriately.

3: Your Second Procedure

Next, your dentist will put you under general anesthesia and install the false root, or the titanium rod, into your gum. There might be some drilling or grafting of the jawbone to facilitate the titanium rod bonding to your bone. This is the most invasive part of the procedure, with the longest recovery time. It also has the highest chance for infection, so it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions precisely during this time. The recovery for this will take several weeks.

4: Your Third Procedure

Once your jawbone has bonded to the titanium root, and your gums have healed completely, it’s time to place the abutment. This involves cutting open the gums again to attach the abutment to the rod, which facilitates the attachment of the false tooth to the new root. It takes at least two weeks for the gums to heal around the abutment.

5: Your Final Appointment.

Once your gums are completely healed, it’s time to attach the new tooth. This is a fairly straightforward procedure that doesn’t involve surgery. It does involve making an impression of your mouth and creating a unique crown that will fit in and match exactly to your own teeth for ease of chewing and to avoid damaging your other teeth. You can choose crowns that are fixed or removable. 

Why Choose Dental Implants in Sunset?

Once you begin to lose teeth, dental implants are the most permanent option with the most natural effect. Once you have dental implants, it is much like you can go back to your old life before you lost a tooth. You care for it in the same way that you would care for regular teeth, with careful, regular brushing and flossing. If you are ready to make your appointment for dental implants in Sunset, contact us at Dr. DeCardenas’ office!  

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