Signs You Need to Undergo a Dental X-Ray

Dental Offices in Miami

Dental Offices in Miami

Dental X-Rays

The Safety of Dental X-Rays

How safe are dental x-rays? Why should I get a dental x-ray? Dental x-rays are very safe due to their low levels of radiation exposure and quick film speeds. Since the levels of exposure are very little, the risks of harmful effects are least likely. In addition, dentists ensure their patients are provided with aprons and collars to protect from radiation exposure. Women who are pregnant are safe to undergo dental x-ray exams, as well as children. At our Dental Offices in Miami, we ensure you are feeling safe and comfortable with our high-quality dental services. Our dental x-rays at our Dental Offices in Miami are extremely recommended to detect dental health issues that cannot be seen by the human eye. This is the biggest benefit that dental x-rays offer, please contact us to address any concerns you have! Your dental health is very important to us and our dental x-ray services will tremendously benefit you.

Ensuring A Good Dental Health

Dental x-rays may be needed in different situations. When you make an appointment with a new dentist, he/she will want to see your dental health through an x-ray. This allows your dentist to see if there is a tooth decay present. If you have the tendency to develop cavities, you are most likely recommended to undergo a dental x-ray every year. Children whose teeth are still developing must undergo dental x-rays to ensure their teeth are growing healthy. X-rays are very helpful in the case of bone disease, a tooth that is not erupting and to help treat other conditions.

Finding An Effective Dental Treatment

Trust our professional dentists to utilize the latest trend of technology to provide you with better dental health. Don’t suffer those painful dental symptoms that disrupt your daily activities. From an x-ray, dentists at our Dental Offices in Miami can find an accurate and effective treatment of any infections, tumors or cysts in your mouth. Dental x-rays are also able to detect the reason why a wisdom tooth has not yet erupted. The dentist will be able to see a better picture of the tooth’s position. As you can see, dental x-rays obtain more than one function which can tremendously improve your oral care.

Visit our Dental Offices in Miami to undergo a dental x-ray for the detection of any dental health problems which cannot be seen by the human eye.  Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.