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Your Teeth Will Be Much Cleaner With One Of These Toothbrushes

Ensure Your Teeth Stay Optimally Clean with the Best Electric Toothbrush!

best electric toothbrushThe best electric toothbrush is one that you will find easy to use and can help you improve your brushing technique. However, many people additionally look for packages offering additional bristle attachments, as well as relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, finding the right model that goes easy on the teeth and gums while still helping eliminate plaque and food debris may pose notable difficulty.

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If This is Happening In Your Mouth, You have Gingivitis

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis TreatmentGingivitis is a type of periodontal disease that exclusively affects the gums. This is a milder and often reversible condition, however, necessitates intervention from gingivitis treatment. Nevertheless, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, a severe and destructive disease without professional gingivitis treatment from a dental professional.

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What The Heck is Water Flossing?

Can a Waterpik Replace Traditional Flossing?

water flossing tipsMost people brush their teeth every day. Unfortunately, they often forget the next crucial step, flossing between the teeth. Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of personal hygiene.

However, flossing remains crucial to maintaining preeminent oral health. It will eliminate plaque and residual food trapped between the teeth while preventing cavities and gum disease. For those that struggle to commit to flossing, or possess other dental issues, you may be excited to hear there is another option: water flossing.

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Here’s Why Those Shiny Gold Grillz Aren’t Good For Your Teeth

Are Grills Bad for Your Teeth?

grills for teethGrillz or grills for teeth almost represent a pop cultural rite of passage for many athletes, hip hop artists, and many other celebrities. What is a grill, you ask? This is a flashy, snap-on dental ornament that covers the visible surface of the teeth. It may cover a single tooth, or impart a more notable look that goes across the upper or lower (sometimes both) dental arch.

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Don’t Kiss Your Valentine With Stinky Breath: 5 Tips to a Fresh Kiss

bad breath cureStay Fresh When It’s Time to Kiss

Bad breath is a condition that seems to occur at the worst possible moment. We’ve all been around someone with bad breath, and unfortunately, probably dealt with it ourselves. Bad breath can represent an embarrassing or uncomfortable ordeal. However, how do you know if you suffer from bad breath?

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5 Ways to Tell You Have a Cavity

signs of a cavitySigns of a Cavity That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Food is a wonderful way that we can indulge our senses. Depending on the dish, it will look and smell great, and when the meal tastes awesome, it’s even more satisfying. However, it is a bit of a problem when the foods we eat contribute to cavities. A cavity is a damaged area in the tooth enamel that results from bacterial plaque feeding on food and other debris that resides on teeth. If you don’t brush or floss properly to remove plaque, the bacteria will bore into the tooth enamel and create little holes.

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This is Why Your Teeth Are Yellow

teeth whiteningDo You Have Yellow Teeth Despite Regular Brushing and Flossing?

You may work hard to keep a bright, perfectly white smile. However, you may discover that your teeth impart a dim or yellow tinge in spite of your best efforts. These could include various teeth whitening products. Nevertheless, some individuals can keep their smile beautiful with simple dental hygiene.

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