Have Gorgeous Teeth for the Holidays!

South Miami Dentist

South Miami Dentist

Holiday Teeth Cleaning

Stress and Dental Health

How often do you visit the dentist? When was the last time you received a professional dental cleaning? There may be times during the year in which people may not put their full focus on their dental health. Stress can take ahold of many people which can have an impact on a person’s dental health. When a person is undergoing stress their diet may change and unhealthy habits may develop. For instance, a person who is under stress may develop habits such as smoking which has an effect on dental health, especially overall health. Or a person may have emotional cravings that are not healthy such as overeating sweets, consuming carbonated drinks, etc. During the month of December is when a person can be an overwhelming month with last-minute shopping, late-night partying, and other extra activities. During these busy times, people tend to forget about their dental health which is why our South Miami Dentist will ensure you have beautiful teeth just for the holidays.

A White, Beautiful Smile

Imagine showing up to a party in white pearly teeth while everyone compliments you on how great you look. By keeping your dental health at its finest, you can ensure you will be able to eliminate that stress. Having that boost of self-confidence can allow your stress to decrease tremendously! Get your teeth looking beautiful for the holidays at The Miami Cosmetic Dentists through a professional dental cleaning and teeth whitening. Show your relatives and friends how great your smile looks and recommend them to us for a professional dental cleaning!

Clean and Whitening Procedure

Visiting our South Miami Dentist every six months for a professional dental cleaning is detrimental to prevent dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, etc. Maintaining good oral care is not only necessary at home but also at the dentist’s office. Smiling is the best medicine for good health. When you know that your teeth are looking greater than ever, you’d want to smile more often!

You can receive the Best Teeth Whitening in Miami at Dr. Andres de Cardenas’ office, aside from a professional dental cleaning right before the holidays! Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.