Here’s Why Those Shiny Gold Grillz Aren’t Good For Your Teeth

Grills for Teeth

Are Grills Bad for Your Teeth?

Grillz or grills for teeth almost represent a pop-cultural rite of passage for many athletes, hip hop artists, and many other celebrities. What is a grill, you ask? This is a flashy, snap-on dental ornament that covers the visible surface of the teeth. It may cover a single tooth, or impart a more notable look that goes across the upper or lower (sometimes both) dental arch.

This enduring fashion trend attracts substantial attention amongst fans and leaves many dental patients asking “Are grills for teeth bad for my oral health?” Dr. Andres de Cardenas wants to outline the truth about these gold, silver, and jewel-encrusted decorative covers with the following information.

How Grillz May Harm Your Teeth

This is a multifaceted and somewhat complicated subject. Most grills for teeth remain removable adornment accessories. However, some grill wearers alter their teeth with gold crowns to permanently resemble a grill. Some people even try to employ industrial and dental-grade adhesives to attach grillz to their arches permanently.

Unfortunately, these compounds remain unsafe for internal use and may damage teeth, as well as tissues. While no studies notably outline the dangers regarding grillz to their wearers, no data exists demonstrating long-term safety either. Additionally, some grills for teeth contain non-precious, base metals that can result in irritation and metal-allergic reactions.

If you choose to wear a grill, ensure that you remain careful about brushing and flossing. While this is important for everyone, food and other debris may lodge between the teeth and the grill. This enables bacteria to collect and produce harmful acids. These acids commonly result in tooth decay, as well as bad breath. They can also harm gum tissue.

Grillz may also potentially irritate surrounding oral tissue while wearing enamel away on opposing teeth. Nevertheless, you can limit the amount of time you wear a grill to mitigate and prevent potential issues. Remove your grill before eating, and also clean the accessory daily.

Avoid using any jewelry cleaners or other products that may be dangerous to ingest. Dr. Andres de Cardenas recommends speaking to him, or another qualified dental professional before purchasing and wearing dental grills for teeth.

Grills for Teeth May Be Popular Now, but a Pearly White Smile Never Goes Out of Style!

Most grillz begin the same way as a set of braces. When you consider that a grill involves a very un-chic dental mold, they lose a little bit of their allure. Nonetheless, the molding process takes about five minutes, and the finalized product requires proper care and cleaning.

With responsible use, grills for teeth creates very few risks for their wearers. However, it remains crucial for optimal dental health that individuals that use grills take every precaution possible to avoid any of the aforementioned issues. Choose materials wisely, consult with a dentist, and commit to a solid oral care regimen every day.

Tips on Grills for Teeth from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

If you want your teeth to shine like a diamond, there is nothing inherently wrong with using a grill. Nevertheless, you can obtain a bright, sparkling smile with regular brushing and flossing.

You may think a grill is pretty great, but you may run into grill-related problems. For more information on grills for teeth and whether or not it remains a good idea for you, contact Dr. Andres de Cardenas today!