If This is Happening Inside Your Mouth, You May Need to Visit Us

Dental Hygiene Tip

Major Threats to Your Oral Health

Oral health is substantially important for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone can manage to keep this at the top of their priority list. 

Aside from unsightly smiles and bad breath, most people don’t understand the extent of harm that can arise as a result of neglecting their dental hygiene.

Serious risks that can adversely affect a significant portion of the American population like diabetes, heart and lung disease, dementia, and stroke can all result from poor dental health. 

The good news is that most dental issues are preventable. 

For this reason, Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his team want to share some common threats to oral health, as well as some dental hygiene tips. Read on to learn more!

Symptoms to Pay Attention to

A variety of signs or symptoms may lead to individuals booking appointments with a dental specialist. In most cases, the best courses of action remain regular checkups, in addition to proper daily care.

When the following symptoms occur, a visit to a dentist like Dr. de Cardenas is imperative. 

Taking care of dental problems as soon as possible can actually save time, money, and even pain. 

Bad Breath

The foods that we eat significantly impact this condition. As a dental hygiene tip, thoroughly brushing and flossing regularly can help with this issue. It is important not to forget the tongue either.

Bleeding or Sore Gums

Brushing or flossing too hard can result in sore gums. Sore gums may indicate issues like gingivitis or gum disease. It is vital to watch out for bleeding gums and contact a dentist as soon as the symptom appears.

Broken/Cracked Teeth

Grinding teeth, as well as brittle teeth, can cause cracks or breaks to happen. Patients may not observe this all the time. 

Unfortunately, they will feel this symptom. The most typical indication of a cracked or broken tooth is pain during chewing.

Discolored Teeth

Drinking liquids like coffee or tea can stain teeth. Tobacco use also represents one of the most common contributors to tooth discoloration. Medicine or injury may also result in discolored teeth, as well.

Dentists can provide innovative whitening techniques that help patients that suffer from tooth discoloration, helping to restore their smile to its former, sparkling aesthetic.

Dry Mouth

Our saliva works to help prevent tooth decay. It accomplishes this task by breaking down food, in addition to washing food remnants away. 

Certain medications can prevent this and may inhibit acceptable saliva production, as well. 

When a dry mouth symptom commonly occurs, it is important to discuss the issue and find a solution.

Sensitive Teeth

Patients may experience pain or discomfort from drinking cold beverages. This reaction is a common sign that they suffer from sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can represent the result of root exposure, worn enamel, or gum disease. 

An appointment with a dentist can help them analyze the situation and alleviate this pain.

Important Dental Symptoms from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Our dental hygiene tips can help you ensure proper dental care while away from your dental practice. Dental specialists can typically solve or prevent problems almost immediately with proper care. Staying on top of oral health saves time, money, discomfort, and pain.

For this reason, contacting a professional like Dr. Andres de Cardenas for regular checkups is essential.