Invisalign in Coral Gables

Information on Invisalign in Coral Gables from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

For those not showing off perfect smiles to the world, they will likely experience a run-in with braces at some point in their lives. Most will deal with this during their adolescent, teenage years. 

Unfortunately, some also wait until adulthood to address problems with their teeth. In these scenarios, traditional braces can certainly feel quite intimidating.

The good news is that the modern dental industry provides a solution. With Invisalign in Coral Gables, patients can now correct crooked teeth and attain a beautiful smile with a seemingly invisible system!

Invisalign is a relatively new method that helps patients straighten their teeth by relying on translucent aligners. These retainers alter the position of teeth gradually every two weeks to ensure the teeth move into proper position.

With several reasons to choose Invisalign in Coral Gables to straighten teeth, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas wants to share some of his favorites. 

Removability and Care

One of the worst things for patients relying on traditional braces is how permanent they are/feel. With metal wires and brackets that remain entirely visible, each braces patient has a picture where they hide their smile from the world.

By utilizing the Invisalign in Coral Gables system, this doesn’t need to be the case. An Invisalign aligner is virtually invisible, simply leaving friends to wonder how you’re straightening your teeth so effectively.

Additionally, cleaning teeth with traditionally affixed braces is a major problem. Normal toothbrushes just don’t get the job done. For this reason, orthodontists will prescribe a variety of specially-designed tools to clean in and around all the wiring while getting in between the teeth.

Invisalign enables patients to clean off their teeth without worrying about all these stressors and hassles. By removing the retainers, Invisalign patients can easily access their teeth as normal with brushing and flossing.

Swift Improvement with Fewer Appointments

Traditional brace fixtures require adjustment every month to achieve perfectly straight teeth. Invisalign relies on a newer, retainer-style mold that further adjusts teeth on a biweekly basis.

As a result, Invisalign patients can experience faster improvement over traditional braces. The innovative system also helps patients visualize this work faster and easier as well with no wires or brackets obscuring the teeth.

Once a patient gets their braces removed, they will also require a number of follow-up appointments. During these meetings, the dental specialist will teach the patient to use their retainer while also monitoring the progress and status of their teeth.

Invisalign in Coral Gables is quite simple and mimics the technology employed by a retainer. People who go through this process, won’t usually need as many follow-ups to analyze and monitor their progress.

Decreased Pain

Whenever a patient first affixed their braces, they must endure a notable break-in period. This involves metal brackets and wiring rubbing sores into their cheeks, lips, and even the tongue. Dental specialists even prescribe a specialized dental wax intended to treat protrusions that can lead to significant pain.

The good news for those requiring traditional braces is that this will go away after a few months. Unfortunately, new sores will arise again with every adjustment as the metal shifts into location and find new patches of previously unaffected skin.

Patients of Invisalign in Coral Gables don’t need to worry about these issues at all. The clear aligners have no sharp edges to bother the mouth. As a result, Invisalign patients may feel some pressure as the trays move teeth into proper position but can accomplish this with almost no pain.

Invisalign in Coral Gables

Information on Invisalign in Coral Gables from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

The Invisalign treatment takes a modern-day approach to teeth alignment. This is the ideal solution for anyone looking to correct crooked or crowded teeth.

By using a series of thin, transparent, entirely unique aligners, Invisalign in Coral Gables is the optimal alternative versus traditional braces for tooth alignment. Furthermore, the system is virtually invisible, making any onlookers completely unaware and alleviating any apprehension or anxiety regarding aesthetics!

If you remain interested in an Invisalign treatment from crooked or misaligned teeth, you will need a dentist that is experienced in this treatment. Our caring practice in South Florida would like to extend our facility and services.

We want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To learn more about Invisalign and everything it can do for you, contact our caring and concerned dental specialist Dr. Andres de Cardenas.

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