Invisalign in Country Walk

What You Need to Know About Invisalign in Country Walk

Most of us want to achieve great looking teeth. However, due to a variety of reasons, not all of us feel confident in our smiles. Unfortunately, this also can prove devastating in a social and psychological sense. For this reason, dentists serve a crucial role in providing treatment for crooked and damaged smiles, as well as unsightly gaps and crowded teeth.

Numerous patients’ voices that a significant concern regarding smile correction stems from a fear of traditional braces. Our dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his team can easily see why. After all, braces may provide a beautiful result, but traditional systems do provide their fair share of issues.

These include Irritation, as well as regular maintenance and limitations to a patient’s diet. Of course, this extends to their poor aesthetic features as well. The good news is that modern dentistry offers a modern solution to this conundrum. This alternative to traditional braces is what we call Invisalign in Country Walk.

Our team wants to share some information on Invisalign in Country Walk that hopefully clears up any notable apprehension concerning smile correction. This can also help with some differences that this modern system can offer over traditional braces.

What is Invisalign in Country Walk?

Invisalign serves as the modern solution to help patients straighten their teeth. It utilizes no wires or brackets. Instead, relying on smooth and durable molded plastic. A dentist customizes a set of virtually invisible aligners that snap into place over the teeth.

Essentially, with Invisalign in Country Walk, patients utilize the aligners to correct their teeth positioning slowly. After about two weeks, they can exchange the initial set for the next set of more aggressive trays to further the process along.

Getting Started with Invisalign in Country Walk

The first step in the Invisalign process is working with a dental professional to see if the system is right for you. In most cases, Invisalign works just as well as traditional braces. Nevertheless, severe straightening and spacing issues typically require a traditional braces system.

A dentist works with patients to determine if Invisalign is the right answer for their dental needs. Then, they can customize their Invisalign program. One of our favorite parts about Invisalign is that they offer software with three-dimensional imaging technology. This lets patients digitally preview their future smiles throughout an Invisalign procedure.

Using Invisalign in Country Walk Each Day

The absolute best part about the Invisalign system is that no one can determine if a patient begins straightening their teeth. This is good news since patients wear aligners for approximately 22 hours per day, including while they sleep. Nonetheless, the entire program concludes in as little as 20 weeks for the majority of patients.

With Invisalign in Country Walk, patients must remove the trays to eat, as well as clean their teeth. A positive here is that the patient essentially removes the entire braces system. This enables them to continue eating almost whatever they want with few exceptions.

For those that drink a lot of coffee or use tobacco, they may notice some yellowing aligners over time. While this does make the alignment trays less conspicuous, it can provide a substantial amount of difficulty in cleaning them as time goes on. To avoid yellowing aligners (and teeth), patients must practice optimal dental care and limit coffee and tobacco consumption.

A dental professional will schedule visits every month or so to review the patient’s progress. This additionally allows for any necessary modifications as well. By the end of the treatment program, the fasteners can come off. Once they come off, patients can demonstrate a healthy, beautiful smile that they’re proud of to their family and friends.

Invisalign in Country Walk from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Invisalign in Country Walk
Invisalign in Country Walk

No matter the patient’s age or the growth cycle of their teeth, Invisalign in Country Walk remains an ideal solution. Whatever the potential dental barrier, Invisalign is a great way to help these individuals straighten their teeth without the embarrassing aesthetics that traditional braces may offer.

When patients need to find a way to correct their misaligned teeth without the hassles and limitations provided by traditional braces, Dr. Andres de Cardenas recommends Invisalign. 

Patients should ask themselves if they want to see their smile brighter and straighter. If the answer is a resounding “Yes,” contact our dentist Dr. de Cardenas today to learn more about Invisalign in Country Walk today! 

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