Invisalign in Palmetto Bay

How Does Invisalign in Palmetto Bay Work?

Invisalign continues growing in popularity as an extremely effective alternative to traditional braces. Many dental patients in need of braces enter our office wondering how Invisalign in Palmetto Bay actually works.

Numerous different people want to achieve straighter teeth. Unfortunately, they don’t approve of unseemly metal brackets that accompany traditional dental braces. This is where Invisalign steps in as a preeminent solution.

The clear aligners utilized in Invisalign bear virtually no resemblance to their traditional counterparts. This means a seemingly invisible system with no wires and brackets. For this reason, the Invisalign in Palmetto Bay system remains a mystery to many patients.

The system involves simply implementing trays in your mouth, and they can begin moving into an optimal position. It involves no uncomfortable, unsightly brackets, imparting a virtually invisible system for a discreet straightening method.

Our dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas wants to share some information on what Invisalign in Palmetto Bay actually is, as well as how it works. Hopefully, the following content clears things out as we outline the ins and outs of this revolutionary dental treatment.

Information on Invisalign in Palmetto Bay

Invisalign does a great job fulfilling its unique design. Nevertheless, certain situations may arise where it cannot work as effectively as traditional braces. The biggest thing you must consider regarding Invisalign in Palmetto Bay is what you need to be fixed, in addition to the severity of your problems.

Designers produce Invisalign with moderation in mind. As a result, it remains less effective to help individuals fix severe issues that typically need a more advanced procedure to achieve optimal results.

When a dental professional establishes that you represent a good candidate for Invisalign in Palmetto Bay, they can take photographs of your face and teeth, in addition to imaging examinations like digital scans or x-rays.

A dentist will send these records off with detailed records on how your teeth need to move. This enables Invisalign to design custom-fit aligners (also called trays) specifically based on your mouth and needs. The process only takes about four to five weeks to arrive, and for you to finally begin achieving your dream smile.

You can wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks at a time. Invisalign manufactures aligners to move the teeth in very small increments. Once you put in a new aligner, the impressions in the new tray remain slightly straighter than your actual teeth. This helps the system work, putting pressure on the teeth to move them into proper position.

You will need to visit a dentist once every six to ten weeks to analyze your progression with Invisalign in Palmetto Bay. After about twelve to eighteen months, you will remain able to visualize your ideal results!

Things to Consider Regarding Invisalign in Palmetto Bay

Once you install a set of aligners, dentists will expect you to wear them virtually all the time. You will essentially wear them 22 hours each day. Nevertheless, one of the biggest benefits regarding the Invisalign system is the ability to remove them when eating and to clean the teeth. You will need to take out the aligners whenever you eat or drink anything other than water.

It is essential that you commit to wearing aligners whenever you can. This will help your teeth move into their final position for that particular set of trays. When your teeth do not achieve their anticipated position, the next set won’t fit quite as well. As a result, by the time you get a few trays down the line, your fit will remain notably off.

Invisalign is an almost invisible system. This makes it the ideal choice to obtain an aesthetically pleasing option for patients who prefer a subtle treatment option. While traditional braces impart substantial difficulty for brushing and flossing, removable aligners allow you to practice optimal dental hygiene with ease.

Invisalign in Palmetto Bay from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

The goal of Invisalign in Palmetto Bay is simple: achieving a great smile. Dr. Andres de Cardenas takes pride in offering this seamless, almost invisible treatment as an alternative to braces for his patients.

If you remain interested in beginning treatment with Invisalign, we would like to extend an offer to come to our office for a consultation. We can determine if you represent a good candidate for Invisalign in Palmetto Bay.

To learn more about how Dr. Andres de Cardenas can help you achieve your best smile, contact us today!

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