What is Invisalign in West Miami?

The Invisalign brand is seemingly a household name. Nevertheless, as it continues increasing in overall popularity as a traditional braces alternative, patients still enter our office wondering how Invisalign in West Miami works.

Almost anyone can benefit from achieving straighter teeth. At one point, their only resource was seeking out traditional braces and the unseemly aesthetics they provide. This means metal brackets and bands letting the whole world know that you’re straightening your teeth. Additionally, this method is much more challenging to maintain than modern Invisalign.

As the preeminent, invisible straightening solution, Invisalign clear aligners share almost no resemblance to traditional braces. Outside of their aim to straighten teeth for users, there really is no other similarity.

By relying on clear aligners from Invisalign in West Miami, you can straighten your teeth with no wires or brackets. As a result, your friends and others that you meet will possess no knowledge of what’s really going on with your new smile. Read on to learn more about Invisalign from Dr. Andres de Cardenas!

How Does Invisalign in West Miami Work?

Invisalign in West Miami is the solution when you want to achieve a straighter smile without ugly metal brackets and associated discomfort that accompanies traditional orthodontic work. 

The Invisalign system enables you to straighten your teeth with virtually invisible alignment trays that include no metal. Furthermore, dentists custom-design these aligners made specifically for your teeth.

These trays work by gradually shifting the teeth into their proper position. As you progress through the treatment, you will utilize a new tray every couple of weeks. The aligner design alters this shift slightly straighter than the previous one.

All you need to do is pop in your alignment trays and you are ready to go. This means no unsightly brackets or wires necessary to straighten your teeth. The system is clear and remains barely noticeable. For this reason, they reflect the best possible option for adults, as well as teens for a discreet straightening method.

What to Expect During Invisalign in West Miami

A consultation with a dental professional like Dr. Andres de Cardenas can help you determine if Invisalign in West Miami is a good treatment for you. This specialist can also answer any medical and financial inquisition you may possess.

After a consultation, a dentist will perform a digital scan of your teeth. This helps them to cultivate a customized treatment plan by relying on the three-dimensional imagines they obtain. These will also help them map out the alignment transformations that you must make for the best results throughout the course of treatment.

Once you receive your aligners, you may notice that they are made of BPA-free plastic. They will not irritate your gum line or mouth while also serving as a comfortable fixture for constant wear.

Invisalign controls not only the force employed to straighten the teeth, but also regulates the timing of force application. This involves only applying force to a few teeth during each stage. The dentist can determine precisely how to accomplish this as the design and implement a unique treatment plan.

About every two weeks, you can graduate to a new set of aligners that further straighten the teeth. This will continue until you achieve the beautiful, straight teeth you’ve always wanted.

For adults, the treatment should last around 12 months. However, this can vary on the severity of your individual case. A dental specialist like Dr. Andres de Cardenas will work with you to develop a plan that works uniquely for you.

Invisalign in West Miami

Information on Invisalign in West Miami from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Invisalign can help you with a wide variety of dental problems. These include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

Besides appearing unsightly, these dental problems can affect dental health, as well as your overall health in other systems. Gapped teeth may leave gums unprotected, resulting in periodontal disease. Overbites and underbites put stress on the jaw, leading to painful joint problems. Crowded teeth commonly cause excessive plaque accumulation.

Once you discover the Invisalign system, you can reach your ultimate smile goals. Our dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas, wants to help you realize your dreams. 

We provide cosmetic and medical dental intervention in a comfortable and welcoming environment. When you enter our office, you can experience the difference between treatment as a patient, or treatment as a part of our family. To learn more about Invisalign in West Miami, contact our caring and concerned dental staff today!

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