iTero Intraoral Scanning in Miami

What is iTero Scanning?

Many patients seek out a dental professional to improve their smiles. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures like clear aligners from Invisalign often initially feel exciting. Unfortunately, taking impressions of a patient’s teeth requires significant time and precision for a positive outcome.

Some patients may additionally suffer from afflictions like dental crowding or issues with their bite. The good news is that it has become easier than ever to take dental images that help patients correct their problems swiftly and effectively.

Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his team now make dental treatment more effortless than ever with increased precision and efficacy, introducing iTero intraoral scanning in Miami! The state-of-the-art device enables our well-trained staff to take accurate 3D dental images of patient mouths.

The iTero digital scanner allows dentists and orthodontists like Dr. de Cardenas to obtain a comprehensive scan of a patient’s teeth. From the creators of Invisalign, the device provides a perfect impression of teeth, an important attribute for several different procedures.

By administering this new technology for dental scanning, Dr. de Cardenas can eliminate the need for dental impressions and expedite the process to start specific dental treatments. iTero intraoral scanning focuses on patient comfort, delivering a dental impression that appears more accurate than traditional, routine dental impressions.

The approach additionally doesn’t expose patients to radiation in a completely safe, effective procedure. With fast and accurate results, patients stand to gain various benefits from iTero intraoral scanning.

How Does iTero Intraoral Scanning in Miami Work?

The iTero scanning digitally captures teeth and gum structure by relying on the latest optical imaging technology. Dentists like Dr. Andres de Cardenas utilized a compact, handheld wand to begin scanning. However, unlike traditional dental impressions, Dr. de Cardenas and his team can stop and start the process as many times as they or the patient deem necessary.

The specialists will scan a patient’s mouth with a radiation-free laser in as little as two to three minutes. iTero intraoral scanning in Miami renders a digitally-perfect, 3D impression of the patient’s teeth and soft tissue structures.

They can provide patients with access to digital software to follow the scan process. This includes a 3D model of their teeth on a computer screen. Coupled with Dr. de Cardenas’ expertise, this modern technology provides the best possible outcome for a wide variety of dental treatments like veneers and Invisalign.

The iTero scanner takes 6,000 pictures per second to render a replica of a patient’s mouth. The device also offers a feature that time-lapses compared records over time while keeping track of a patient’s overall dental health.

Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his patients can see a 3D model of the patient’s teeth within a matter of minutes. Our staff utilized these scans to form the best possible treatment plan.

iTero Intraoral Scanning in Miami Can Offer the Best Smiles

iTero scanning provides incredibly precise results. Traditional dental impressions have always been difficult to get right. Contrarily, iTero intraoral scanning in Miami takes a perfect scan of a patient’s mouth. This helps a dental specialist accurately diagnose each patient’s unique, individual issues while also offering fast results.

Patients can now achieve peace of mind in the hands of their dentists while assured that they possess every piece of information they need regarding the health of their teeth. iTero essentially mitigates any chance for imperfections in the imaging process to impact the length and quality of their treatment.

The iTero system additionally displays the scan immediately on the spot and can open up immediate dialog between a dentist and their patients concerning the patient’s teeth and potential treatment options.

iTero Intraoral Scanning in Miami | Dr. Andres de Cardenas, DMD

It is never too late to visit a dentist and begin dental care. iTero’s groundbreaking technology enables patients and their providers to achieve the clarity and speed necessary for the perfect smile in as little time as possible.

Whether a patient needs corrective dental treatment or wants to improve their smile aesthetics, iTero intraoral scanning in Miami makes it easy to get a dental impression.

We proudly serve the South Florida community as a trusted, familial dental staff. When you step into our office, we treat every patient as a member of our family. To learn more about iTero and all the benefits, it provides our practice and your teeth, reach out to Dr. Andres de Cardenas, DMD, and his team for more information!

Dr. Andrés de Cardenas, DMD

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