Veneers in Kendale Lakes

What to Expect from Dental Veneers in Kendale Lakes

Dental veneers represent a swift way to attain a beautiful smile. This is the ideal procedure for individuals that wield stained or chipped teeth, in addition to those with gaps. Nevertheless, dental veneers in Kendale Lakes remain permanent. For this reason, deciding on a veneer procedure often serves as a serious decision.

These customized shells fit over the teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers remain particularly useful in improving patient smiles, typically relied upon as a cosmetic dentistry intervention.

Nonetheless, veneers in Kendale Lakes help patients makeover their smiles with beautiful, aligned, shapely teeth. They additionally boast a protective quality that often eliminates any need for more extensive dental treatments.

Some other benefits, aside from the aesthetic improvements, may include little-to-no need for tooth structure removal as a contrast to a crown procedure. No matter what the cause of unattractive or unhealthy teeth, dental veneers can represent an ideal solution for most dental issues.

The relative permanence regarding dental veneers makes it a major decision. Dr. Andres de Cardenas and his team feel it is essential for patients to possess all the information they need about veneers in Kendale Lakes before they make the decision. This is precisely why they’re breaking down some information that they help guides readers on their quest for the perfect smile.

Why Dentists Rely on Veneers to Help Their Patients

Dentists use veneers to recreate the look of natural teeth. They offer added strength and resilience that remain comparable to natural tooth enamel. Dental specialists can customize them in construction to a patient’s natural tooth contour before bonding them during a series of in-office treatments.

Veneers remain a less intrusive option than procedures with similar intentions like crowns or braces. They can close gaps and even correct minute misalignment issues. Patients may decide on a set of dental veneers as they aim to enhance their tooth brightness or straighten their smile.

The most commonly employed material that comprises dental veneers is porcelain. However, some providers also rely on composite veneers made up of composite resin material. Regardless of the utilized material, veneers can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Implementing and Placing Dental Veneers in Kendale Lakes

Most veneer preparation and installation will take place in multiple appointments. This will depend on whether or not a dental specialist utilizes prefabricated or customized veneers. The following will take place during the dental veneer installation process:

  1. Depending on patient sensitivity, a dentist may apply anesthesia. They then will clean the tooth and determine the right veneer shade to match natural teeth. The dentist can then remove a small amount of enamel to place the veneer onto the tooth.
  2. A dentist can then take a tooth impression when a patient requires customized veneers. They send this off to a lab for veneer construction. In the meantime, they will place a temporary veneer on the tooth with spot etching in the center of the tooth.
  3. Once a laboratory constructs the new veneer, a dentist can remove the temporary one. They will clean the tooth with pumice and water, etch the veneer, and place an adhesive.
  4. The dentist will administer the veneer for exact fit and contour, and then cure the area with light for 60 seconds on all surfaces.
  5. Finally, the dentist will remove any excess material as they polish the veneer’s margins.

Caring for Dental Veneers in Kendale Lakes

With dental veneers, patients can brush and floss as normal. Although the veneer protects the teeth, daily brushing and flossing with non-abrasive toothpaste remain necessary. Veneers patients should also consider limiting their intake of coffee and other foods or drinks that could ultimately create staining and fading.

Veneers patients must also remember that they will eventually need to replace their veneers. It doesn’t quite matter how well a subject cares for veneers; they require replacing after some time. Nevertheless, optimal oral hygiene extends their lifespan, helping veneers to last as long as possible.

Veneers in Kendale Lakes from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

If you feel ready to consider dental veneers in Kendale Lakes, it is essential to consult with a dental professional. Dr. Andres de Cardenas helps patients understand each portion of the procedure, as well as the cost. The most beautiful smile could help you feel great while also improving your confidence and overall wellbeing.

To learn more about a veneers procedure and how our team can help you, reach out to Dr. de Cardenas today to schedule an appointment!

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