Foods to Avoid to Maintain Brighter Teeth!

Kendall Teeth Whitening Treatment

Kendall Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening Miami

Are your teeth not looking as white and bright as they used to? Dr. Andres De Cardenas offers Teeth Whitening Treatments that can help enhance the look of your teeth for a more confident smile! There are a bunch of great tips for keeping your teeth white. For instance, you should avoid the consumption of drinks such as wine, coffee, and tea since they can stain your teeth. Did you know that tooth enamel erodes when you consume sugary foods? This is due to the fact that the bacteria that break down sugar produces acids. It is recommended to brush your teeth an hour after eating acidic food. Other than that, you must brush your teeth directly after every meal to keep teeth clean and free from cavities.

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What Kind of Foods Should You Avoid?

The general rule as to which foods are recommended to avoid are the ones that stain your shirt when you accidentally spill food on it. You don’t completely have to avoid them all the entire time though, you can eat these foods that are good for you just make sure you brush your teeth afterward. There are foods that are good to help you prevent certain dental problems, which is why you should go ahead and eat them. It is recommended to get a professional dental cleaning every six months. Keep those teeth clean, don’t forget to make an appointment with your dentist if you haven’t so. The Kendall Teeth Whitening Treatment will help you maintain those teeth shining bright like a star.

If you skip your dental cleanings and want to keep your teeth white, then it is best to avoid those teeth-staining food completely no matter how good they are for you. You will have to lay off the sauce, so no more sauce with the spaghetti and meatballs sauce. You’d also have to lay off the wine, your favorite dark-colored soft drinks, the really delicious beets, etc. Don’t skip those savory foods and drinks; brush, floss, rinse, and get a professional dental cleaning today and eat all the foods you want.

Minimize the teeth-staining food, get Kendall Teeth Whitening Treatment, brush and floss your teeth, and you’ll be looking at shiny white teeth in no time.

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