A New Years Resolution to Avoid Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist

Quit Smoking

Choosing To Quit Smoke Today

Did you know that the number of smokers has decreased from 21 percent to 18 percent in just 8 years? Are you part, or planning on becoming a part of an array of people who quit smoking? Once you’re hooked on cigarettes, it may be found difficult to quit smoking due to the addicting agent known as nicotine. However, when you look at the health risks that subdued from smoking, you’ll find yourself in desperation to quit. If you are a smoker, then what is suggested for you is to quit as soon as possible. Don’t welcome health problems with every cigarette you smoke, do something about it today! With every inhalation, a smoker’s lung is filled with pollutants that are quickly absorbed by the bloodstream. Did you also know that for every pack of cigarettes a person smokes, they lose 3 teeth in an average of ten years? Health problems don’t just appear in the lungs as you inhale the smoke, but your mouth is the one that actually gets impacted first. Get checked by our Oral Cancer Screening Dentist for better dental health today!   

Dental Health Issues That Arise From Smoking

When you are smoking, the chemicals coming from one cigarette affect your entire body. The effects are very noticeable and you’ll know that your body begins deteriorating as the years go by smoking. Your dental health is largely affected and it’s not just the yellow teeth. When the smoke hits inside your mouth, one of the effects that rise up is the building up of the tar on your enamel. These extrinsic stains that arise from smoking cause people to feel less confident about their smiles. This is why many patients ask their Oral Cancer Screening Dentist about teeth whitening to help them brighten their smile. It’s necessary to eliminate the root problem of tooth discoloration for a more effective teeth whitening result.

Avoid Oral Cancer

Another effect of smoking on the mouth is the damaging of the cells which can lead to oral cancer. The chemicals, as well as the tar, forms a coat on the roof of your mouth, your tongue and inside of your cheeks. Have you ever had a cigarette and had to drink a cup of water smoking? This is due to the fact that the chemicals inside the cigarette kill the taste buds which leads to a lack of saliva production. Gum disease is also an effect of smoking which causes oral cancer and cavities. Get an oral cancer screening by our professional Oral Cancer Screening Dentist for better dental health. We will find the best treatment option for you through our screening that can probably save your life!

The effects of smoking deteriorate your dental health, receive an oral cancer diagnosis by our professional Oral Cancer Screening Dentist to serious health side effects. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.