Root Canal in Kendall

The Treatment That Can Actually Save Your Tooth

Numerous dental patients’ knees will quake when thinking about the pain of a root canal in Kendall. However, how many know what a root canal is outside of the associated pain concerning the treatment?

A root canal treats the pulp of the tooth when it becomes inflamed, infected, or dead. The dental pulp is a soft substance that resides in the center of the tooth. It is comprised of the nerve, a series of blood vessels, and some connective tissue.

Each one of our teeth contains a pulp chamber. This hollow area contains the pulp itself, continuing down canals that extend through the tooth root, into the surrounding bone. Some roots may wield more than one canal.

A root canal in Kendall specifically addresses issues with the tooth pulp, in addition to tissues that surround the tooth root. This involves removing the infected pulp and filling the canals. As a result, a dentist can help prevent bacteria from entering this area.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Many things may damage the pulp and nerve of a tooth. Patients will often feel pain and other symptoms that alert them to their need for a root canal procedure. Nevertheless, sometimes, no clear indicators remain present.

Nonetheless, the most common symptom requiring a root canal in Kendall is pain. If a tooth becomes abscessed and the tooth is alive, the sufferer may experience increased sensitivity to either hot or cold. Unfortunately, this stimulus continues even after the hot or cold is removed from the tooth.

Teeth that need a root canal in Kendall may also begin to hurt spontaneously. This includes times when a patient is not using it to eat or drink. Pain may progress into headaches as well.

When a tooth dies from root canal infection, the patient will feel pain when they chew food or put any pressure on the tooth. Abscessed teeth can also produce swelling and bleeding around the tooth, sometimes even resulting in notable swelling in the cheeks, jaw, or throat.

Tooth Abscess | Kendall Dental Care

Abscess or infection requires a root canal in Kendall. An abscess reflects a very specific type of infection that forms when the tooth pulp dies, forming a pocket of pus around the end of the root.

This pus will accumulate in the dead nerve tissue that is infected with bacteria. An abscess can form a bump that looks like a pimple on the outside of the gums. Patients may even observe pus draining from this area, as well as a bad taste in their mouth.

Without treatment, an abscess will continue growing, potentially even infecting the bone around the roots of teeth. In some rare cases, patients even died as a result of an infection that begins with a seemingly mild tooth abscess.

Antibiotics can keep infections from spreading. Nevertheless, the only way to eradicate the infection completely is with a root canal in Kendall. This cleans out all of the dead tissue and bacteria that remain inside of the pulp chamber and root canals.

Tooth decay may additionally extend deep into the tooth before reaching the pulp. This also results in the pulp becoming infected with bacteria. As this occurs, the tooth becomes inflamed, and likely painful as well. The tooth may even die before becoming decayed tissue.

Not every abscess patient will experience pain. Unfortunately, the only way to remove tooth decay from inside the tooth is with a root canal in Kendall. A dental professional may also need to remove the affected root as well.

Kendall Family Dental Care | Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Root Canal in Kendall

Root canal therapy normally takes more than a single dental office visit for completion. The good news is that with modern, state of the art dental procedures, patients experience little to no pain. Dentists utilize local anesthesia and a gentle touch to mitigate the pain and other sensations as much as possible.

A root canal in Kendall will involve the dentist and his office staff administering a temporary filling after the first procedural appointment. During a follow-up, our dental practice can replace this filling with a regular one or a crown to help protect a natural tooth from further damage.

Our dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas is renowned in Kendall and Miami, FL, as well as the South Florida community. This is largely due to his delicate touch, even with a root canal treatment. To learn more about how he can help you overcome this painful, serious dental issue, schedule a consultation!

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