5 Reason Why Teeth Cleaning Is Important!

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

You have been hearing the same warning since you were just a young child: you must take great care to brush your teeth properly and regularly if you hope to maintain good dental hygiene. While most individuals believe that they have this down pat at their older age, you will be surprised to learn that some adults still do not know the technique to proper Teeth Cleaning.

At Andres de Cardenas office, we take the time to ensure that each one of our patients is equipped with the knowledge they need to keep their teeth clean and sparkling all year round, which includes coming in for professional teeth cleaning. To assist you in understanding the importance of proper Teeth Cleaning, we have listed 5 reasons below:

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  • Whitens Teeth – Many individuals claim to be unsatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. You may be one of them. We all know that gradual teeth yellowing does not stem from just anything. Contrarily, it is caused by staining due to various food, drinks, and lifestyle choices. Some of these include coffee, sweets, and smoking cigarettes. By going in for professional teeth cleaning regularly and cutting back or eliminate those factors, your teeth will remain white and shining for much longer.
  • Freshens Breath – This one may seem like a no-brainer, but brushing your teeth each morning and evening fights off bad breath. While this works in your day to day, there will come a time when brushing your teeth yourself will not be enough. It is best to visit your dentist on a steady schedule (may vary from patient to patient) to break up any problems area that may exist.
  • Prevents Cavities – If you have ever visited the dentist’s office and had to have had your teeth scraped thoroughly by a dental professional using a special, steel tool, you are well acquainted with plaque build-up. By brushing your teeth properly every day you are eliminating the plaque that builds up throughout the day, which is a major factor in the formation of cavities. However, the only way to truly stay plaque-free is by having a professional get in there with advanced tools.  
  • Saves You Money – You may be wondering how a teeth cleaning can save you money, but the answer is simple. By avoiding going to the dentist you are putting your mouth at risk of developing a cavity and other complications. And it is no secret that complex procedures to correct those issues can be very expensive.
  • Keeps You Healthy – As part of your typical teeth cleaning, your dentist will check for any signs of complications or abnormalities. While you may be feeling fine, there are oftentimes issues that go unnoticed by the individual for quite some time. If you are concerned with your oral health and hope to prevent gum disease, going in for a cleaning is your best bet.

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