Does Teeth Whitening in Miami Really Work?

Many people wish they could achieve a celebrity white smile. This is the kind of smile that can truly light up a room, dazzling those around us. Unfortunately, most people make do with a slightly off-white grin. The good news is that this isn’t the only option.

The modern dental market imparts many different teeth whitening options. For this reason, there is no reason that you cannot achieve perfectly beautiful, white teeth. Due to advances in professional teeth whitening techniques, improvements are often dramatic. What was once only available to the rich and famous, you can now accomplish with teeth whitening in Miami.

This process is very effective at lightening the color of your teeth. Teeth whitening in Miami is largely a noninvasive procedure and can lighten teeth without damaging the surface. Although teeth whitening does not actually improve oral health, it can substantially improve your smile.

How Does Teeth Whitening in Miami Work?

Teeth Whitening in Miami

As we age, our teeth naturally begin to change in shade or color. This is the result of many different factors. The foods and drinks that we intake may contribute to the unfortunate darkening of our smile.

If you smoke, this too can lead to changes in teeth aesthetics. Teeth staining is mostly unavoidable. However, cutting out smoking will prevent more drastic tooth darkening. This is far easier than avoiding the foods and drinks that may also play a contributing role.

Teeth whitening in Miami could involve three primary methods. These include bleaching, whitening toothpaste, and laser whitening. Bleaching and toothpaste can be done at home, or in a dental practice. Laser whitening requires a professional specialist.

Bleaching represents the most common method for teeth whitening in Miami. Although many in-home bleaching kits remain available, the most effective approach is a professional, in-office teeth whitening procedure.

A dentist will oversee this process, administering a compound that contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When applied, this compound will react with oxygen to penetrate your tooth enamel and dentine. As a result, the finalized results make the teeth appear whiter.

Brightening Sensitive Teeth

Teeth whitening in Miami is typically a pain-free procedure. Nonetheless, the chemicals may cause some discomfort or irritation with sensitive teeth. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you should certainly consult with your dental professional before undergoing a whitening treatment. They can advise you on what products or treatments to avoid.

Teeth sensitivity may also serve as an indicator of an underlying dental problem. In this scenario, a dentist will generally advise treatment before undergoing teeth whitening in Miami. Nevertheless, even when a dentist feels you don’t represent an ideal candidate for teeth whitening, many products exist as proper alternatives.

These methods may take some additional time for the best possible results, but they can absolve you from discomfort or pain. The most obvious (and most common) method is using whitening toothpaste.

Virtually all whitening toothpaste involves some combination of baking powder and a minute dose of peroxide. After prolonged use, whitening toothpaste is very effective. Furthermore, many products impart a design intended specifically for individuals with sensitive teeth.

Some individuals also elect to utilize whitening strips. You simply apply these strips to teeth in conjunction with an accelerator gel. These products get to work by gently lightening the teeth’ shade and removing stains.

Whitening strips normally dissolve within five to ten minutes. This makes the strips typically the ideal treatment for those without a plentiful amount of spare time. Unlike most whitening toothpaste applications, these options seldom contain any peroxide whatsoever.

Teeth Whitening in Miami | Dr. Andres de Cardenas

The smile often serves as a window to the soul. Our smile may represent the best way anyone can gain insight into how we feel about life.

Dr. de Cardenas and his caring, dedicated staff understand how important a smile is to most patients. Our dentist will discuss any questions or concerns with you while designing an effective treatment for a teeth whitening solution.

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective whitening method. However, tooth whitening may not reflect the most ideal treatment for your needs. Some patients may simply need teeth cleaning to achieve a whiter smile. Others may require dental veneers or dental work related to their teeth and gums.

Dr. Andres de Cardenas will examine the teeth before working to find optimal solutions for your unique needs with the highest possibility for success. He treats patients everywhere in the Miami area from Downtown to South Miami.

We serve the South Florida community as a crucial resource for dental care. To learn more about teeth whitening in Miami, or to schedule an appointment, reach out to Dr. Andres de Cardenas today!

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