What Causes Your Tooth to Decay?

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Teeth Cavity

Experiencing Tooth Pain

Have you ever been told as a kid not to eat candy? Candy is one of the main reasons kids get cavities. Tooth decay is caused by build-up plaque and bacteria that is not taken care of due to improper dental cleaning. A cavity is a tooth decay which can be fixed by a professional dentist. There is no way to reverse the process of tooth decay. However, it can be prevented. One of the symptoms of a cavity-forming is a toothache. Have you ever experienced extreme tooth pain after chewing a piece of hard food? This is because the nerve of the tooth root is irritated. It’s extremely important to make an appointment with a professional dentist in our office if you are experiencing tooth pain. Toothache can also be a symptom of gum disease, grinding teeth, an abnormal bite, etc. Once you feel tooth pain, you must visit a dentist right away, do not wait. If you have a cavity and you wait a long time to get your tooth checked you’ll put yourself in a lot of trouble. A Tooth Extraction Procedure may be necessary if the tooth decay has taken ahold of your tooth’s pulp.

How to Prevent a Cavity

If you’re trying to avoid getting a tooth extracted due to a tooth cavity then maintaining oral care is very important. There are foods you can eat to strengthen your tooth enamel and lower your chances of getting a cavity are strawberries, celery, animal protein, fish, etc. However, the most important tip anyone will ever give you is to get a professional dental cleaning. During a professional cleaning, a dentist or hygienist focuses on eliminating the accumulation of built-up tartar that cannot be removed by routine dental cleaning. Remember to always keep up good home dental care such as both flossing and brushing your teeth to prevent cavities, gum disease, etc.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Procedure

An extraction may be necessary in the case of a tooth infection, crowded teeth, or gum disease. An infection occurs when the tooth decay extends all the way to the nerve. When plaque and bacteria enter this part of the tooth, it leads to an infection. The thought of your tooth being pulled may sound scary to you. At the Miami Cosmetic Dentist office, our professional dentists focus on successfully extracting your tooth to prevent your current dental problem from worsening. If you have crowded teeth, our dentist will be able to let you know if you’re in need of a Tooth Extraction Procedure. Advanced gum disease leads to loose teeth which may most likely need to be pulled.

Our professional dentist specializes in Tooth Extraction Procedure in order to the tooth from worsening and causing a bigger dental problem. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.