Recently Chipped Your Tooth? Which Services Can Help?

Tooth Repair Dentist

Chipped Tooth Treatment

Causes of A Chipped Tooth

Chewing hard pieces of food can lead to a chipped tooth. Utilizing your teeth as a tool to open certain objects can be deteriorating to your dental health. Tooth decay can cause a broken tooth which may or may not cause pain. You can prevent cavities (tooth decay) by maintaining proper dental care. Keeping your teeth as healthy as possible by avoiding all types of bad habits can save you time and money. The pain that comes when your teeth become chipped or damaged is unbearable. You want to prevent going through that pain by using your teeth what they were intended to be used for. Although, sometimes it may happen that a person accidentally chews a piece of hard candy or any other food which can break their tooth. Other accidental causes such as fall to the floor can lead to a chipped tooth as well. Whether you put yourself in the situation, or it was an accidental cause, there is a treatment! Our Tooth Repair Dentist provides all patients with treatment options to a chipped tooth.

When To Visit The Dentist

If your tooth ever breaks, you must visit the dentist immediately. A chipped tooth that is not treated can lead to an infection, or become more damaged than it already is. The treatment will depend on how badly the tooth was broken. A tooth with a minor fracture does not require repair but visiting a dentist is encouraged. However, if the tooth was broken to the point that it hit the nerve then it will require a specific treatment according to how damaged the tooth was.

Repairing A Chipped Tooth

Our Tooth Repair Doctor will look at your tooth and see how damaged your tooth was to come up with the most convenient treatment option. If your tooth was chipped, our dental crowns will work great to restore and appearance of it. Our different types of crowns include porcelain, ceramic and metal. If you have more than one chipped teeth then our bridge will work great for you! A fixed bridge fills in the gap of the missing one or more teeth. If your tooth becomes infected, our dentist will look into the root canal procedure. This dental treatment is done to repair or save a tooth that was either badly damaged or infected. Find out more about our dental services at The Miami Cosmetic Dentists to provide you with a full, beautiful smile once again!


Our Tooth Repair Dentist can treat your tooth to avoid the possibility of it becoming damaged further or infected that can lead to a tooth loss. Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.