Veneers in Cutler BayWhat is a Veneers Procedure?

Dental veneers in Cutler Bay represent ultra-thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain or composite materials. Dental specialists cement these fixtures over the surfaces of a patient’s teeth to correct various dental problems. These include worn tooth enamel, improper spacing, uneven alignment, discoloration, as well as chips and cracks.

Many patients and specialists alike categorize veneers in Cutler Bay as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. This is mainly because they help patients improve their smiles and impart perfectly-aligned, beautiful teeth. However, they also provide many protective attributes and help individuals alleviate any need for more extensive intervention.

Some of these other benefits include enhanced durability and improved smile aesthetics. No matter the cause of unattractive or unhealthy teeth, dental veneers in Cutler Bay can actually solve most dental problems. Miami’s cosmetic dentist Dr. Andres de Cardenas wants to share some information on how they benefit dental health.


Some patients choose to approach tooth discoloration with teeth whitening. While this is not inherently wrong, some more stubborn conditions remain uncorrectable with this approach. In these scenarios, veneers provide a simple, cosmetic dental solution.


Some people wield genetic issues concerning the spacing between their teeth. Unfortunately, this may only widen with age. Dentists can correct these circumstances through the use of veneers.

Uneven Teeth

Uneven teeth typically arise due to grinding or gnashing, as well as natural wear and tear. This condition may lead to biting issues, as well as a variety of cosmetic smile issues. Veneers can remedy this condition, in addition to preventing bite issues before they start.

Normal Wear and Tear

As we age, our teeth begin to wear down naturally as well. When teeth get older, they remain at risk for chipping, cracking, or an overall uneven appearance. Veneers in Cutler Bay help patients restore natural-looking, healthy, and youthful teeth.

Worn Enamel

Tooth enamel may become worn and dull naturally. Drinking soda, tea, and coffee, as well as smoking or administering certain medications,  lead to this commonly. Some patients may also suffer from worn enamel due to genetic predisposition as well. Veneers remain the ideal solution to correct smiles that suffer from worn enamel.

The Ideal Candidates for Veneers in Cutler Bay

To determine if a patient reflects an ideal candidate for dental veneers, a dentist may schedule a preliminary consultation. This is how most people begin their dental veneer journey.

During this consultation, the specialist will evaluate the patient’s oral health and evaluate any potential treatments or options. Most dental professionals prefer to recommend and administer the least invasive options possible.

Treatment for veneers in Cutler Bay remains entirely irreversible. This is because of the preparation process to adhere the veneers to the teeth. For this reason, it is crucial to discuss any and all options with a dentist before settling on veneers.

What to Expect from Veneers in Cutler Bay

A dental veneer procedure is typically done in two visits over the course of about a month and a half. Any visit during this time remains comprehensive, potentially requiring hours of examination, in addition to tooth preparation. A dentist will also likely administer some form of sedation.

The diagnostic, examination, and preparation phases of veneers remain essential to obtain the best possible results. It may also identify any oral health concerns related to the procedure that patients should address prior to veneer placement.

Dentists can also work to help patients select a natural shade selection and imagine technology will offer them a preview of the finalized results. Once the examination is complete, and the dentist can customize a plan, the treatment may begin.

Veneers in Cutler Bay from Dr. Andres de Cardenas

Veneers in Cutler BayVeneers should last for several years. However, they may chip or break over time, just like regular teeth. A qualified, experienced dental exam can educate you on how long each individual veneer can last. Nonetheless, dental specialists can also repair most small chips or administer a new veneer as necessary.

Veneers in Cutler Bay provide a preeminent way to improve the color, shape, or position of your teeth. They can even help make chipped teeth look natural and whole once again.

Dr. Andres de Cardenas works to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during analysis and treatment intervention. In fact, once you step through our doors, we welcome you with open arms as a part of our family.

To learn more about what veneers could potentially do for you, contact our caring and concerned practice today!

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