Have Bad Breath? Find out Why and How We Can Help!

Walk-In Dentist Miami

Walk-In Dentist Miami

Bad Breath Treatment

How often do you see advertisements of gum-selling companies promoting good breath when you chew their gum? Have you ever heard of the self-test diagnosis to tell if you have bad breath? You probably see these ads very often! Try this self-test diagnosis yourself: Lick your wrist, wait 5 seconds, then smell your wrist, from here you’ll be able to tell if you have bad breath or not. That was to check the front of your tongue, now check the back part: Take a spoon, place it at the back of your tongue then draw it forward, remove it, then check the color and the smell.

A Professional Dental Cleaning

Adopting a good oral routine such as brushing or flossing your teeth helps prevent your halitosis. If you’re performing these dental cleaning routines but you still have bad breath then it’s even more important to visit our Walk-In Dentist Miami. Visit our Walk-In Dentist Miami to also prevent bad breath through professional dental cleaning. This type of cleaning is different from a regular home dental cleaning because it involves the polishing of teeth, removal of plaque and tartar, adjustment of dentures, administering of fluoride, removal of stain, and much more. The point of this cleaning prevents cavities, gum disease, bad breath, oral cancer, detect early signs of broken fillings and gives you an overall good oral health.

The Solution to your Halitosis

Bad breath is no fun, especially when you are constantly brushing your teeth and avoiding foods that cause it. It’s important to get a dental check-up when you’re suffering from bad breath because it may due to a dental problem. Gum disease causes halitosis because it is caused by plaque build-up on the teeth. If not taken care of, it could lead to tooth loss.

Visiting a Walk-In Dentist Miami when you’re suffering from bad breath is important, this is how we can help you:

  • Provide you with a full diagnosis on the cause behind your halitosis
  • Treat your gum disease, especially if it’s the cause of your bad breath
  • Give you a professional dental cleaning
  • Recommend you home-cleaning treatment to prevent bad breath
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Recommending foods to avoid to prevent halitosis


Our Walk-In Dentist Miami is able to provide you great dental service for bad breath treatment and prevention, find a solution for your halitosis right away! Call today at 305-251-3334 or click here to make an appointment.