What Are Crowns and When Do You Need Them?

Dental Crown Services in Miami

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Dental Crown Services in Miami

Quite often, our teeth go through many different things. This can include weakness, discomfort, breakage, chips, and discoloration. The best way to approach damaged teeth is by visiting with Dr. Andres de Cardenas for Dental Crown Services in Miami.

What are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth. It lies above the gum line to restore its function, strength, and appearance.

What are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

  • Protection: Crowns installed by Dr. Andres de Cardenas protect the tooth from decay as well as shielding the tooth from plaque.
  • Natural Looking: The crowns are very natural looking because they highly resemble the luster and translucence of your teeth.
  • Stain Resistant: If you order porcelain crowns, they are very stain resistant.
  • Durable: Dental crowns in Miami can last between five to fifteen years all depending on whether or not you follow the appropriate care for them.
  • Restorative:  Dental crowns can restore a damaged tooth to full function. They can even replace missing teeth.
  • Comfort: All dental crowns are a great choice for maximum success and comfort instead of dealing with any pain or discomfort.
  • Confidence:  Instead of feeling self-conscious about your smile, feel confident and beautiful with a dental crown that will be a great, healthy choice and confidence choice.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

According to WebMD, a dental crown is needed in any of the following dental restoration situations:

  • Protection for a weak tooth from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
  • Holding a dental bridge in place.
  • Cover a dental implant.
  • For cosmetic modification.
  • Covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t a lot of your tooth left.
  • Restoring an already broken tooth/ tooth worn down severely.
  • Covering a misshapen and/or discolored tooth.

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