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The experience of sensitive teeth is one of the most uncomfortable things an individual can endure. Eating becomes something we avoid to not feel the sensitive pain. When sensitivity occurs, people often wonder what is causing this discomfort.

Do you avoid eating cold foods or consuming hot beverages due to teeth sensitivity? It could be time to educate yourself on this painful condition. A number of underlying dental conditions can result in tooth sensitivity. The diagnosis of this issue begins with your dental specialist.

The best dentist in Miami, Dr. Andres de Cardenas, provides a few reasons as to what causes overall tooth sensitivity.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

  • Cracked Teeth – Your teeth can become cracked by many things such as chewing on hard food or candies. As a result, nerves experience irritation and higher sensitivity.
  • Grinding Teeth – When you grind your teeth, you slowly deteriorate your tooth’s enamel. This opens the gates to the nerves. As a result, grinding leads to sensitivity in your tooth. In order to treat it, you must make a dental appointment with the Best Dentist in Miami!
  • Acidic Foods – Foods such as lemons, kiwi, tomato sauce and more can result in pain if the pathways to your nerves are vulnerable. Avoiding these foods or indulging in moderation is recommended and can help prevent tooth sensitivity from happening again.
  • Mouthwash Overload – Some mouthwash products possess acids that can create or worsen overall tooth sensitivity.
  • Tooth Whiteners – Purchasing teeth whitening strips or products can lead to sensitive teeth with its hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching. The Best Dentist in Miami recommends visiting the Miami Cosmetic Dentist office for professional teeth whitening services that will make your smile whiter, brighter, and not sensitive.

Our whitening procedures can provide patients with a multitude of benefits. Home whitening treatments provide subtle changes. However, they often utilize harmful and abrasive chemicals to achieve a whiter smile. Our in-office effective teeth whitening systems can produce preeminent results. Teeth whitening sessions create beautiful smiles in as little as 15 minutes. Dr. Andres de Cardenas’ whitening process is similar to the popular Zoom Whitening method of teeth whitening. The ending result is a smile you can be proud of as you additionally combat the tooth aging process. We administer teeth whitening without harmful or abrasive chemicals.

  • Aggressive Brushing – The result of brushing your teeth too hard isn’t cleaner teeth. On the contrary, aggressive brushing leads to gums pulling away from the roots of your tooth as well as destroying your enamel which leads to more sensitivity.
  • Decay – When your tooth is decaying, it can make the roots of your teeth more vulnerable to irritation and sensitivity. The Best Dentist in Miami recommends having a better oral hygiene routine to prevent this decay from occurring.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Miami from Andres de Cardenas

Best Dentist in Miami
Best Dentist in Miami

Your tooth sensitivity is something that is easily treated by the best dentist in Miami, Dr. Andres de Cardenas. Are you or someone you know experiencing recurring dental sensitivity? Our dental office can assist you to overcome this unfortunate situation.

Your teeth are far more important than you may think. They are crucial for performing seemingly basic functions like chewing, eating, etc. Sensitive teeth are an unfortunate condition that can be extraordinarily detrimental to consuming food and beverages, as well as your overall levels of wellness and happiness.

Dr. Andres de Cardenas is the best dentist in Miami. He is a highly skilled dental professional in the South Florida area. Dr. Andy, as he likes to be called, maintains education on any new innovations in his field in order to best serve his patients. He strives to explore new, innovative options in the realm of dentistry that prove to be in the best benefit to his patients. Where other dentists can treat dentistry as an income stream, Dr. Andres de Cardenas makes a point to ensure his patients are comfortable and pleased with any procedure.

Our dental office takes pride in assisting South Florida residents to overcome a plethora of dental issues. Dr. Andy’s extensive education in dentistry is able to help patients overcome any and all dental issues, leaving our office with a beautiful smile on their faces.

For more information on sensitive teeth treatment in Miami from Dr. Andres de Cardenas and our team, call us today at (305) 251-3334 or click here to make an appointment. We can provide you with a treatment to overcome your issues with sensitive teeth, allowing you to eat or drink the foods and beverages you love!