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If This is Happening In Your Mouth, You have Gingivitis

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis TreatmentGingivitis is a type of periodontal disease that exclusively affects the gums. This is a milder and often reversible condition, however, necessitates intervention from gingivitis treatment. Nevertheless, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, a severe and destructive disease without professional gingivitis treatment from a dental professional.

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What The Heck is Water Flossing?

Can a Waterpik Replace Traditional Flossing?

water flossing tipsMost people brush their teeth every day. Unfortunately, they often forget the next crucial step, flossing between the teeth. Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of personal hygiene.

However, flossing remains crucial to maintaining preeminent oral health. It will eliminate plaque and residual food trapped between the teeth while preventing cavities and gum disease. For those that struggle to commit to flossing, or possess other dental issues, you may be excited to hear there is another option: water flossing.

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Stay Away From These If You Want Healthy Teeth

Foods to Avoid for the Best Oral Healthdental care in Miami

Do you want to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout your life? Achieving this goal begins by avoiding certain foods and substances that may contribute to cavities, as well as gum disease.

Foods that remain rich in sugar or are acidic, sticky, very hard, or highly-process, remain the best ones to avoid. Sugar acts as food to the bacteria that live inside your mouth. When bacteria have more to eat, they will continue to grow and reproduce.

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Taking Care of Your Dental Hygiene Now Can Keep You Out of the Doctor’s Office Later

Tips for a Healthy, Enduring Smile with At Home Dental Care

at home dental carePreventing tooth decay and dental degradation begins with consistent oral hygiene, as well as optimal dietary habits. Brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing daily remain essential to your best possible dental health. While you’ve probably heard this before, it’s true.  Brushing and flossing are the first line of defense against cavities, in addition to tooth decay!



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Invisalign: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Time and Cost of Braces?

The Advantages of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

teeth straightening optionsMisaligned and crooked teeth appear unattractive. However, they can also result in substantial difficulty when attempting to clean your teeth properly. Improperly cleaned teeth may contract infection and gum disease that also called periodontal disease. This condition increases the risk of bone and gum damage, in addition to tooth loss.

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What to Expect During Your First Visit with Dr. Andres de Cardenas

What you can expect at your First Appointment with a New Dentist

routine dental visitSwitching to a new dentist can fill you with anxiety. After all, most of us prefer not to spend the day with dental tools in our mouth. Nonetheless, a routine dental visit is typically a low-key endeavor.

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